Job for three years by copying the letter of recommendation! Stunned judge’s question: What happened more! –

A serious complaint has been made against a geography teacher in Murshidabad where the state is in turmoil over teacher recruitment. Recently, a job aspirant named Soma Roy came to know through an RTI that Animesh Tiwari, a geography teacher of Gotha AR High School in Murshidabad, had forged the recommendation letters of others for three years. After hearing the complaint, the shocked judge asked whether such incidents have happened more!

Fraud in recruitment of teachers is not new in this state. Over time, several examples have come forward. Earlier there were complaints about two candidates getting jobs in the same memo number. In this context, it is now known that Geography teacher Animesh Tiwari of Murshidabad got the job by copying the recommendation letter of another candidate Ataur Rahman and using the memo number of the recommendation letter.

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But Animesh did not sit in the SLST exam of 2016 geography! Not only that, he also worked as a geography teacher for three years on this fake recommendation letter. It is also known that Animesh Tiwari’s father Ashish Tiwari is the headmaster of the same school. In this case, it is claimed that if the head teacher of the school is not involved, such an incident is not possible.

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Justice Biswajit Bose was shocked to hear the related allegations. He asked if this incident happened more! The judge now wants to give responsibility to the DIG CID to investigate the related incident. The CID has to inform the court by Thursday morning whether the CID is willing to take this responsibility or not. Incidentally, the validity of Animesh Tiwari’s job is already being raised due to such allegations. Inconsistencies were also found in all the documents of Animesh. If the CID takes charge of the investigation of the case, more details will be known in this regard.

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