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john deere 5310 tractor price: John Deere Tractors is one of the leading tractors in India. This tractor is known for its superior engineering, strong power and mileage. John Deere 5310 Perma Clutch 55 hp Has a tractor.

John Deere 5310 The tractor is popular among Indian farmers for its stylish looks, high engine capacity and efficient mileage. John Deere 5310 Tractor is provided with Single Clutch, which provides comfortable and easy functioning. It provides longer working hours in the fields due to better engine efficiency.

So come on The Rural India in this blog of John deere 5310 tractor price and features Know the

John Deere 5310 Tractor Engine

This tractor is powered by 55 HP and 3 cylinder engine. It also gets coolant cooled with overflow reservoir. It comes with dry type and dual element air filter. It generates 2400 engine rated rpm.


John Deere 5310 Tractor has given Collar Shift Type Transmission. It has 9 forward gears and 3 reverse gears. The forward speed of this tractor is 2.6 – 31.9 kmph and reverse speed is 3.8 – 24.5 kmph. It has a 12 amp battery.


The hydraulic capacity of John Deere 5310 tractor is 2000 kg. It has single acting spool valve type hydraulics with 3 point linkage.


John Deere 5310 steering type is Dual Acting Power Steering. The hand race lever is given below the steering. It also has a comfortable seat. It gets oil immersed brakes.


The tires of John Deere 5310 tractor come with Both Wheel Drive. In this, the front tire is given in 6.5 X 20 and the rear tire in 16.9 X 28 size.


John Deere 5310 tractor comes with 6 Spline PTO Shaft. PTO power is 46.7 HP. A 60 liter diesel tank has been given in this tractor.

john deere 5310 tractor price

John Deere 5310 tractor price in the Indian market ranges from 8.75 to 9.25 Lakh. This price may also vary according to different states. For this, you should contact the nearest dealer of John Deere tractors. The company gives a warranty of 5 years or 5000 hours on this tractor.

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