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Another 59 primary teachers were terminated. On Thursday, the hearing of the application was for 61 teachers. After examining the documents, Calcutta High Court Judge Abhijit Gangopadhyay ordered the cancellation of the jobs of 59 of the 61 teachers involved. Also, the high court has ordered to stop the salary of all these candidates. So far, the total number of cancellations is 252!

Last year, the Calcutta High Court ordered the cancellation of jobs and stoppage of salaries of 268 teachers. Allegations were made against these candidates that they were illegally recruited. Then all these candidates approached the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court again directed them to Calcutta High Court to prove the validity of the employment. The Supreme Court said that after examining all the documents, what the High Court will direct will be maintained. The concerned candidates applied following the instructions of the Supreme Court.

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Earlier, the jobs of 53 candidates were canceled by the High Court. Yesterday i.e. Wednesday, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay ordered the cancellation of jobs of 140 primary candidates. After that, on Thursday, the job of 59 candidates was canceled in the hearing of the job applications of 61 candidates. The documents of the rest of the candidates will be scrutinized the next day. So far, the court has canceled the jobs of about 252 primary candidates. Incidentally, the High Court returned the jobs of two teachers on Wednesday after hearing their statement and examining the documents.

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