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Justice Gangopadhyay’s observation that there was no aptitude test in the 2016 primary TATE interview is clear. The interviewers of five districts of the state have been summoned on February 21 as per the orders of the judge. According to sources, the interrogation will be held in closed session.

According to sources, the board was directed to pay Rs. 2000/- towards the travel expenses of the 2016 TATE interviewers in five districts of the state including Howrah, Hooghly, North Dinajpur, Cooch Behar and Murshidabad. But counsel for the council questioned how the travel costs were the same in each case given the distance. Justice Howrah then directed to pay Rs 500 towards the traveling expenses of the interviewers to Hooghly.

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It is understood that subpoenaed interviewers may be interrogated in strict secrecy under special security. No one except the lawyers concerned will be present in the court during the interrogation. In that case, since there was no aptitude test in the 2016 TATE interview, there is a possibility that some important information will be revealed in the context.

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Incidentally, the job aspirants claimed in the court about the 2016 TATE interview, that the candidates were appointed without any aptitude test in the interview process that was held that year. Therefore, corruption has been found there as well. Even the job aspirants demanded that the interviews were conducted in the balcony instead of in the classroom. After that, the court ordered the board to submit the information related to the 2016 TATE interview in the form of a report. It is known that the relevant affidavit was submitted in the hearing of the case recently.

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