Kandi Kandi fake notes rescued in the city again! While arresting the accused, the eyes of the officers went up – mssewb.org

A bundle of fake currency seized again in Kolkata. This time the accused was caught from Topsia. After the canning, the Taapsia incident came to light, and the officers of the Special Tusk Force accepted in one sentence that the fake note business was on the rise across the city. According to police sources, the fake notes of about one and a half lakh rupees recovered from Taapsia were intended to be used to give away the accused. As a result of this incident, there was a lot of excitement in that area.

According to sources, the name of the person who is involved in this fake note business is Rafiqul Sheikh. The police had been keeping an eye on him for a long time. He was finally caught today. According to the police, while dealing in these fake notes, he was caught once before and he was jailed. But after being released from jail, he was again caught in the same business.

The police also said that the business of fake notes is on the rise across the state. Earlier on December 28, bundles of Kadi Kadi money were recovered from a place near Taldi Bus Stand of Canning police station. Canning police recovered the money. The police got information about fake notes through their secret sources. Then based on that source they took the two into police custody.

It has been reported that the miscreants tried to sell these notes in the market. The two criminals of Canning caught in this fake note case are Saifuddin Ghazi and Abdur Rahman Halder alias Moni. They are both from Canning. Their homes are in Byarsingh and Shivnagar areas of Canning East.

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