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Kolkata Chicken Price: Chicken has finally become cheaper in Kolkata and suburbs. Recently, the price of meat fell below the mark of 200 rupees. That price fell further on Wednesday. The price of lotus chicken is around 10 to 20 taka per kg. Besides, the prices of vegetables are very low. Vegetable prices in Kolkata are said to be almost the lowest of the season. Although the scallion is new to the market, the price of this vegetable is quite high. Among other vegetables, the prices of vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, tomato are very low. At the same time, prices of vegetables that are available for twelve months have also decreased.

However, the price of fish in Kolkata is very high. The prices of several fish have increased compared to last year. Especially the price of cotton fish has increased a lot. The price of roe fish has increased by 30 to 40 rupees per kg. Besides, there is also Bola fish which is more expensive than Rui. The situation in the market is that Roi fish is being sold at a higher price than chicken. Now let’s look at the Friday market.

First let’s look at the market price of vegetables (Vegetable Price in Kolkata).

Potato (old) – Rs 10 to Rs 12 kg
Potato (Chandramukhi) – 20 to 22 rupees per kg
Cauliflower – Rs 6 to Rs 7 per piece
Cabbage – 8 to 10 rupees per piece
Ginger – Rs 40 to Rs 50 per kg
Garlic – 30 rupees per kg
Wolkopi – Rs 8 to Rs 10 per kg
Onion Kali – Tk 35 to Tk 40 per kg
Carrot – 40 rupees per kg
Onion – 30 rupees per kg
Eggplant – Rs 25 to Rs 30 per kg
Tomato – Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg
SIM – Rs 15 to Rs 20 kg
Barbati – 10 rupees
Carrot – 40 rupees per kg
Curd – Rs 40 to Rs 50 per kg
Papaya – 10 rupees per kg
Lemon – 2 rupees piece
Spinach – 10 rupees
Red vegetables – 8 rupees
Scar – 80 rupees

Market price of vegetables

Market price of vegetables

Now let’s look at the fish market (Kolkata Fish Market Price).

Cotton – Rs 190 to Rs 220 per kg (whole)
Cotton – Rs 220 to Rs 250 per kg (cut)
Katla – Prices start from Tk 350 per kg
Tilapia – Tk 200 kg
Bhola – Tk 250 per kg (medium size)
Where – 400 rupees per kg
Shoal – Tk 350 per kg
Tangra – Tk 200 kg (small)
Pabda – Price starts from Tk 400 per kg
Perse – Tk 250 per kg

Let’s take a look at today’s market meat price (Kolkata Chicken/Mutton Price).

Eggs – Rs 7 to Rs 7 and a half per piece
Chicken – Rs 175 to Rs 190 per kg
Whole chicken – Rs 133 to Rs 142 per kg
Mutton – Rs 690 per kg to Rs 750 per kg

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