Kolkata Market Price: 100 rupees tomatoes 15 rupees per kg, what else is available cheaply in the market? – mssewb.org

A farewell to winter is virtually assured in suburban areas including Kolkata. In rural areas, however, the touch of winter still remains somewhat. However, even though the cold has subsided, vegetables are being sold in the market at prices suitable for winter. Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, cabbage, tomatoes are available cheaply as winter season vegetables.

But it is not only the winter season vegetables that have fallen in price. At the same time, vegetables like potato, brinjal have become cheaper. Besides, the price of capsicum has also reduced a lot. Along with this, the price of silk has also decreased. Compared to last month, the price of agar has decreased by 30 rupees per kg.

Let’s look at the vegetable market

Almost all vegetables are priced low in the vegetable market. The price of tomato once reached Rs 100 per kg in the retail market. It has even made headlines several times. Those tomatoes are being sold in small and big markets this season for 15 to 20 rupees per kg.

Cauliflower is priced at Rs 7-8 per piece, cabbage is priced at Rs 10-12 per piece. Wolkopi is priced at Rs 10 per kg. Papaya is priced at Rs 20 per kg. Eggplant, Uchche, carrot, beet are priced at Tk 30 per kg. SIM is also priced at 20-30 taka per kg. Besides, the price of potato is Rs 12 per kg.

Let’s look at the price of fish

On the other hand, there is no way to say that the fish market is cheap. Rui fish is priced at 200 rupees. While Rui is within the reach of the lower-middle class, the price of Katla starts from Rs.400. If you want to buy cheap fish, you should look for relatively small fish. Pona fish is available at 160 taka per kg, small bata fish is available at 140 taka.

Apart from this, there is 120 taka per kg of fish in the lot. Poured fish 200 taka per kg. Small Maurla fish can be found for 100 taka per kg. Besides, half a kg of fish is Rs.300.

On the other hand, while poultry is cheap in meat shops, mutton is expensive. Poultry chicken is priced at Rs 180 to 200 per kg. The price of whole chicken is 130-135 rupees. The price of mutton per kg is Rs 700-750 per kg. Besides, the price of eggs has also decreased recently. A pair of eggs, which reached Rs 15 in the previous month, has come down to Rs 10. As a result, middle class pockets are relieved.

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