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Kolkata Market Price: Vegetables are again slightly cheaper in suburban areas including Kolkata. Even though the winter season is almost at an end, the recent prices in the vegetable market are giving relief to our people. Vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower are available at low prices. Besides, the price of tomatoes is also low. Common lower-middle class, middle class favorite potatoes are also cheap. As a result, everyone can fill the bag by going to the market.

However, although the price of vegetables is cheap, the price in the fish market is not low at all. Apart from Rui, Katla fish, fish like Bhola, Dhela, Chhota Tangra, Bagda Shrimp are found in the fish market. Roe fish is relatively cheap. Apart from this, the price of fish such as dhela, small tanger is also low. On the other hand, Katla, Bhola, Bagda prawns have high prices. Bhola fish prices have jumped and almost doubled in the past few years. Besides, Maurla fish is also available cheaply.

Now let’s find out which vegetables and fish and meat are being sold at what price in the market on Wednesday? Let us first look at the vegetable market.

vegetable market rate
potatoes 12 to 14 rupees per kg
cauliflower Starting from 5 rupees piece
Cabbage Pairs start at Rs.10
take off 30 rupees per kg
Wolkopi 20 rupees per kg
onion 30 rupees per kg
the carrot 30 rupees per kg
onion 30 rupees per kg
eggplant 30 rupees per kg
tomato 20 rupees per kg
Sim 20 rupees per kg
the sword 10 rupees
Cauldron 40 to 50 rupees per kg
papaya 12 per kg
lemon 3 rupees piece
Spinach 10 rupees
red vegetables 8 rupees

Now let’s look at the fish market (Kolkata Fish Market Price).

the fish market rate
cotton (whole) 170 to 180 rupees per kg
cotton (cut) 200 to 225 rupees per kg
Katala Starting from Rs.350 per kg
Small tangerine 250 rupees per kg
tilapia 200 rupees per kg
Pabda 400 rupees per kg
gullible Starting from Rs 250 per kg
Lotte 120 to 150 rupees per kg
Maurla 120 per kg
Bagda-shrimp 350 rupees per kg

Let’s take a look at today’s market meat price (Kolkata Chicken/Mutton Price).

the chicken 185 to 190 rupees per kg
whole chicken 130 to 140 rupees per kg
mutton Rs 720 per kg to Rs 780 per kg

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