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Kolkata Market Price: Did Kolkata pass the cheapest day in the vegetable market? The market rate is indicative of the same. Since the beginning of winter, the prices of vegetables in Kolkata and suburbs have been falling. A few days ago, that price had dropped to a virtual minimum. Cauliflower was being sold at around Rs 5-6 per piece. On the other hand, the price of that cauliflower has almost doubled. Same goes for cabbage, broccoli. However, prices of vegetables like tomatoes are still low. Capsicum, carrot are also available cheaply.

On the other hand, the price of roe fish has recently decreased in the fish market. But the price of Jeol fish is still skyrocketing. Common people have to spend a lot of money to eat good size and good quality fish. For example, Pabda is Tk 350 per kg but it is small in size. A good quality big pubda costs 500 to 600 rupees. Besides, fish like Lotte, Tangra, Katla are found in the market. Now let’s take a look at today’s market rate

First let’s look at the price of vegetable market

Potato (old) – Rs 10 to Rs 12 kg
Potato (Chandramukhi) – 20 to 22 rupees per kg
Cauliflower – Rs 7 to Rs 8 per piece
Cabbage – 8 to 10 rupees per piece
Wolkopi – Rs 8 to Rs 10 per kg
Onion Kali – Tk 40 to Tk 50 per kg
Carrot – Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg
Onion – 30 rupees per kg
Eggplant – Rs 25 to Rs 30 per kg
Ripe tomatoes – Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg
SIM – Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg
Barbati – 10 rupees
Carrot – 40 rupees per kg
Curd – Rs 40 to Rs 50 per kg
Papaya – Starting from Rs 20 per kg
Lemon – 3 rupees a piece
Spinach – 10 rupees
Red vegetables – 8 rupees
Cattle – Rs 70 to Rs 80 per kg

How much is the price of potatoes?

Today’s market rate

Now let’s look at the fish market (Kolkata Fish Market Price).

Cotton – Rs 160 to Rs 190 per kg (whole)
Cotton – Rs 200 to Rs 220 kg (cut)
Katla – Prices start from Tk 350 per kg
Tilapia – Tk 200 kg
Bhola – Tk 250 per kg (medium size)
Where – 400 rupees per kg
Lotte – 100 rupees per kg
Shoal – Tk 350 per kg
Tangra – Tk 200 kg (small)
Pabda – Price starts from Tk 350 per kg

Let’s take a look at today’s market meat price (Kolkata Chicken/Mutton Price).

Eggs – Rs 7 to Rs 7 and a half per piece
Chicken – Rs 190 to Rs 200 per kg
Whole chicken – Rs 135 to Rs 142 per kg
Mutton – Rs 690 per kg to Rs 750 per kg

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