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Kolkata Petrol Diesel Price: Crude fuel is also cheaper. Over the past 8, 9 months, crude oil prices have fallen by nearly $50 per barrel! But incredibly, this price cut has not had any impact on the Indian market. At the time of the Russo-Ukraine war, the price of crude oil was $126 per barrel. The current price of that Brent crude oil has fallen to $77 per liter barrel. However, there has been no change in fuel prices in several Indian cities for over 7 months. Let’s take a look at the fuel price update.

Today Petrol Diesel Price in Kolkata

Petrol price in Tilottama city is Rs 106 03 paise per litre. Besides, the price of diesel per liter is Rs 92 76 paisa. There has been no change in fuel rates in Kolkata for the last 226 days. Which is the highest in the last 227 days.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Delhi

Fuel prices are on the rise in the country’s capital, New Delhi. However, fuel prices in Delhi are lower compared to other metro cities. Petrol price in this city is Rs 96.72 per litre. Diesel is Rs 89 per litre.

Fuel prices unchanged in Kolkata

Petrol Diesel Price in Mumbai

Fuel prices are highest in the country’s commercial city, Mumbai. Petrol price in this city is Rs 106 31 paisa per liter. Diesel price is Rs 94.27 per litre.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Chennai

Fuel prices are also high in the southern city of Chennai. Petrol price in this city is Rs 101.94 per litre. Again the price of diesel per liter is Rs 94.24.

Can fuel prices rise further?

On the one hand, when the price of crude oil is falling in the international market, the opposite picture can be seen in India. Because recently the Center has increased the windfall tax on petroleum, crude oil and aviation turbine fuel. As a result, the price of fuel may increase.

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