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Kolkata Petrol Diesel Price: Fuel prices remained unchanged in the country for another day. Fuel prices remained unchanged for a total of 228 days in several cities of the country, including Kolkata. Although in the international market, the price of fuel has decreased a lot in the last 8 months. At the time of the Russo-Ukraine war, the price of Brent crude oil was $126. That price is currently down to $79 a barrel. It has no effect on the Indian market. Experts have also expressed surprise. However, several experts say that the price of fuel in the Indian market is not decreasing due to the weakness of the rupee against the dollar.

Calcutta city dwellers have breathed a sigh of relief. Because, due to the high price of petrol and diesel, the price of daily necessities is also high. As a result, the lower middle class has to struggle to run the family. Besides, the condition of youth working as delivery boys in various aggregator companies has become dire. Because, they have to spend the fuel cost of their bike-scooties from their own pockets. As a result, they are in trouble. Now let’s see what is the price of fuel in any city of the country?

Today Petrol Diesel Price in Kolkata

The price of petrol per liter in Tilottama city of the country is Rs 106 03 paise. Besides, the price of diesel per liter is Rs 92 76 paisa. There has been no change in fuel rates in Kolkata in the last 228 days. Before this, the experts believe that the price of fuel in the city of Kolkata has not remained stable for so long.

Fuel price update

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Delhi

Fuel prices are relatively low in the country’s capital, Delhi. Petrol price in this city is Rs 96.72 per litre. Again, diesel is being sold at the rate of 89 rupees per liter. Which is quite a bit cheaper compared to other metro cities.

Petrol Diesel Price in Mumbai

The country’s commercial city Mumbai also has sky high fuel prices. Fuel prices in Mumbai are the highest among metro cities. Petrol price in this city is Rs 106 31 paisa per litre. Diesel price is Rs 94.27 per litre.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Chennai

Fuel prices in the country have also decreased in Chennai. Petrol price in this city is Rs 101.94 per litre. Again the price of diesel per liter is Rs 94.24.

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