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kubota 5501 4wd price 2023: It is very important to have agricultural equipment for modern farming. Modern agriculture is based on machines. Talk about tractor, it is most used in agriculture. Today in this article we kubota tractors a special tractor Kubota MU 5502 4WD (Kubota 5501 4WD) Telling about. With this, the farmer brothers will be able to get correct information about this tractor.

Kubota MU 5502 4WD, 55 HP tractor. It is very popular among the farmers due to its high level of technology. This is a 4 WD Tractor. It is equipped with highly efficient, sustainable agricultural resources, which guarantee high production.

so come on now Kubota MU 5502 4wd tractor overview Know in detail.

Description of Kubota MU 5502 4wd tractor overview engine

this tractor is powered by 2434 cc engine with 4 cylinders. It comes in 55 HP. 47 HP is beaten. The rated rpm of its engine is 2300. In this, cooling water cooled and dry type air filter has been given to keep the engine cool and clean.


Kubota MU 5502 4wd tractor overview The main transmission of the comes in the synchromesh type. It has a dual element clutch with dry single. 12 forward and 4 reverse gears are provided. Its forward speed is 1.8 – 30.8 kmph and reverse speed is 5.1 – 14.0 kmph.

brakes and steering

Kubota MU 5502 4WD It has Multi Disc Oil Immersed Brakes. This tractor has Power (Hydraulic Double Acting) type Steering.


Kubota MU 5502 4wd tractor overview The lifting capacity of 1800 and 2000 kgs. It has 3 point linkage like 2 levers, auto draft, backlash and depth control.


Kubota MU 5502 4WD is a 4 Wheel Drive Tractor. It comes with front wheel size 7.50 X 16 / 6.50 X 20 / 9.50 X 24 and rear wheel size 16.9 X 28.

Kubota MU 5502 4wd tractor price

The Kubota MU 5502 4wd tractor price is available in the market from 8 to 10 lakh rupees. The company gives a warranty of 5 years and 5000 hours on it. This price can be less or more according to the tax levied in the states. for more details Nearest Kubota Dealer Contact.

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