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Latest IPO: IPO is currently a familiar term in the Indian stock market. Many investors wait for the IPO. As a result, investors always want to make a huge profit by investing in an IPO. Several companies have filled the pockets of investors by bringing IPO in the stock market. Technology Solutions Limited joined that list. Shares of this SME company were listed at Rs 251.10 on NSE today. That means investors got 151 percent profit. Because, the price band of this company’s IPO was Rs 90 to Rs 100.

Investors got a profit of 163 percent

Shares of Anlon Technology Solutions Limited touched Rs 263.65 moments after listing at Rs 251.10 on the NSE. If an investor holds the allotted shares even after listing, he can get 163 percent profit.

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The company’s IPO was opened on December 29, 2022. Investors started investing in this IPO from this day. The IPO was closed on January 2. Expectations around this IPO were high from the beginning. According to the information received from the investors, the position of this company is quite strong even in the gray market.


This company is an organization in tech city Bangalore. The company was aiming to raise around Rs 15 crore from this IPO. This organization mainly works in two parts. One is engineering service and the other is designing and installation service. Basically, the company also maintains and services the products that the company sells. In the case of engineering services, the company sells various items and takes some commission.

Besides, the fundamentals of the company are strong. The company has given excellent returns in the last few financial years. The revenue of the company in FY 2020 was 1,381.25 Lakh, in FY 2021 this amount was 1,444.00 Lakh and in FY 2022 this amount was 1,958.60 Lakh. Currently the company serves cities like Mumbai Bengaluru, Jamnagar, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Guwahati, Mangalore, Chennai.

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