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apple farming, A balanced diet is very important to stay healthy. To stay healthy, we need many types of vitamins and nutrients. for all this Apple There will be no exaggeration if we take his name. Because doctors also advise us to eat apples daily to stay healthy. Eating an apple daily can keep you fit and healthy.

apple farmingApple Farming It plays a very important role in improving the economic health of the farmers. Apple is the most demanded fruit in the market. low cost Apple Farming Can earn more profits. Apple cultivation is more in cold regions. But now many varieties of apple have been developed, which you can easily cultivate in the plains.

So come on The Rural India in this article of apple cultivation (apple farm) Take a closer look at

In this article you will learn

  • A Look at Apple Farming

  • Climate required for apple cultivation

  • land suitable for farming

  • Improved Varieties for Apple Farming

  • field preparation

  • Manure and Fertilizer Management

  • irrigation system

  • apple harvesting and sorting

  • Crop Pests and Diseases

  • Cost and earning in apple cultivation

A Look at Apple Farming

  • India ranks 9th in the production of apples in the world.

  • About 1.48 million tonnes are produced annually in our country.

  • Apple is produced in Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and most of all in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Beneficial fibers like pectin are found in apples, which are very beneficial for health.

apple farming (apple farm) climate needed for

Apple is a temperate climate fruit. This crop is planted only in cold regions. Where the height of the mountains is about 1600 to 2700 meters. Apart from this, areas with 100 to 150 cm rainfall are considered best for apple cultivation. In the time of March-April, flowers start coming on apple plants. High temperature has a bad effect on the crop. About 100 to 150 cm of annual rainfall is required for apple cultivation.

land suitable for apple cultivation

apple farming (apple farm) For this, dry loamy soil is considered suitable, the depth of which should be at least 45 cm. There should be no rock of any kind in this depth, so that the tree can grow well by spreading its roots from the ground. Apart from this, the pH value of the soil should be 5.5 to 6.5. Apple is not cultivated in waterlogged places, so there should be proper drainage system in the field.

Improved Varieties for Apple Farming

apple orchard There are many different varieties for. But farmers in India mostly produce only a few varieties of apples for commercial cultivation. Which are prepared according to the climate of the season.

apple varieties

sun fuji

The apples of this variety are very attractive in appearance. These are striped pink colored apples. Sun Fuji variety of apples is sweet, firm and slightly crisp in taste.

red chief

The apples of this variety are small in size. Red Chief variety apples are red in colour. But fine spots of white color are found on them. These plants are planted at a distance of about 5 feet from each other.

oregon spur

The apples of this variety are also red in colour. But stripes are made on them. But when their color is deep red, the stripes are not visible.

Royal Delicious

The apples of this variety are round in shape. This apple takes the longest time to ripen. But its yield is very good as compared to other apples. Its tree gives fruits like bunches. Their demand in the market is very high.

Hybrid 11-1/12

The fruits of this variety start coming in the market in the month of August. This is a fruit of hybrid variety. The apples of this variety are made of red color and stripes.

Apart from this, many other varieties of apple are also found. Such as- Top Red, Red Spur Delicious, Red June, Red Gala, Royal Gala, Regal Gala, Early Shanberry, Fanny, Winoni, Chaubatia Princess, The Fuzzi, Granny Smith, Bright-n-Early, Golden Spur, Val Spur, Stark Spur, Aztec, Rymer etc.

Early varieties of apples are produced in Jammu and Kashmir. Varieties like Binoni, Icepeak etc. are prominent in this.

field preparation

  • To do apple gardening, first of all, plow the field well two to three times.

  • After this run the rotavator in the field. Due to which the soil becomes brittle.

  • After this, run in the field with the help of a tractor by placing a stake. So that the fields become flat.

  • After this, make pits at a distance of 10 to 15 feet for plantation. Each pit should be at least 2 feet deep.

  • After this, add cow dung and chemical fertilizers to the pit made in the field and mix it well.

  • After this irrigate the field.

  • Keep in mind that all this has to be done one to one and a half month before planting the plant in the field. So that the fields can be prepared well.

Manure and Fertilizer Management

Apple Farming For each tree, you should apply 10 kg cow dung manure, 1 kg neem cake, 70 grams nitrogen, 35 grams phosphorus and 720 grams potassium every year according to their age till 10 years. Apart from this, a mixture of microelements like agromin or multiplex, zinc sulphate, calcium sulphate, borams etc. should be given from time to time as per the requirement of the soil. It increases crop production.

irrigation system

apple farming It is a cold season crop. That’s why there is no need to irrigate their fields more. You can irrigate 2 to 3 times in the month of winter. But the first irrigation should be done immediately after planting. On the other hand, in the summer season, it is necessary to irrigate it every week. Irrigate as per need during rainy season.

diseases of apple crop

apple orchard At the time of Many types of diseases can occur in its crop, due to which the growth of the plant stops. If these diseases are not treated at the right time, the crop can be ruined.

Diseases and treatment of apple crop

Clearwing Moth Disease

This disease appears after the crop is fully developed. Which makes holes in the bark of plants with its larva, which destroys the crop. To prevent this, spray chlorpyriphos thrice on the plants for 20 days.

White Powdery mildew disease

This disease destroys the leaves by sucking all the sap. To save it, spraying of Imidacloprid or Methyl Demetan should be done.

scab disease

This disease is very harmful for apple horticulture. In this disease, spots appear on the fruits, due to which the apple becomes cracked. Apart from this, this disease also affects the leaves of the plant. Due to which the leaves break and fall prematurely. To avoid scab disease, spray Bavistin or Mancozeb in appropriate quantity.

Apart from all these, many other types of diseases are also seen in apple cultivation. Like- Powdery Mildew, Codling Moth, Root Borer etc.

apple harvesting and sorting

After planting apple trees in the field, fruits start coming on the tree in 4 years. Harvesting of these fruits depends on the variety of apple and season. Apples are usually harvested in September and October.

Let us tell you, after flowering on apple trees, apples are ripe and ready for harvesting in about 5 to 6 months. When you get the apple completely red in color and shape, then it is the time to harvest the apple. All apples are graded on the basis of their size and brightness once picked. After this, these apples are ready to be sold in the market.

how to cultivate apple

Cost and earning in apple cultivation

One hectare of apple cultivation costs about 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees every year from irrigation to harvesting. Up to 80 percent apples come in it after 4 years of planting.

Its demand is high in the market and due to the good price, farmers can earn good profit from it. in present time Apple price 140 rupees per kg. You can earn 4 to 5 lakhs comfortably from per hectare apple cultivation.

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In short, farmers Apple farming By doing this you can earn good profit.

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