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Jau Ki Kheti: Our country has got the status of an agricultural country. Almost every type of grain is grown here. Wheat, rice, bajra, dal, maize and many other cereals are a special part of the diet of Indians as well as foreigners. One of these grains is grain, Barley

tell you, Barley Farming It has been done in our country since ancient times.

Barley It is a storehouse of nutrients. It contains protein, fiber, iron, manganese, vitamins, calcium and many more important nutrients, which are very important for our health. The benefits of consuming it are also not less. It is very helpful in all diseases.

Barley occupies an important place among the cereals produced in India. here on a large scale Barley cultivation Is performed.

Today in this blog we cultivation of barley (jaw farming) Will tell about. So let us first know about the suitable climate for barley cultivation.

Climate suitable for barley cultivation

Barley is a winter crop. Cool weather is suitable for this crop. However, it can be cultivated even in temperate climates. Barley Farming Humid and cool climate is considered good for. It is done at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. The minimum temperature for this cultivation is 35 to 40°F while the high temperature is 72-86°F and the optimum temperature is 70°F.

Soil required for barley cultivation

Whatever may be the farming, it is very important for the soil to be fertile for the production of that crop. It is not necessary that every crop should grow in the same soil. Every soil has its own fertilizing power, and so far as the cultivation of barley is concerned, for loamy soil is considered the best. Apart from this, it is also cultivated in sandy, alkaline and saline soils. Therefore, a suitable soil should be selected for its cultivation.

right time for barley cultivation

Barley cultivation Cool weather is suitable for Hence it is cultivated in the month of October-November, and is harvested by March.

Field preparation for barley cultivation

cultivation of barley The field should be flat and well drained. For each acre, 80 kg Nitrogen and 40 kg Potash are required per acre. For this it is necessary to give green manure first. Apart from this, farmyard manure, compost cake, organic manure, ammonia sulphate, sodium nitrate etc. are prepared before sowing.

improved varieties of barley

Like every crop, barley also has some varieties, which are like this-

  • DWRB- 52
  • DL- 83
  • RD- 2668
  • RD- 2503
  • DWR- 28
  • RD- 2552
  • BH- 902
  • PL- 426 (Punjab) RD- 2592 (Rajasthan)
  • Jyoti 572
  • Azad 125
  • Haritma 560
  • Lakhan 226
  • Manjula 329
  • Narendra 192

Irrigation and Fertilizer Management

Every crop requires irrigation according to its requirement. Barley requires 4 to 5 irrigations. First irrigation should be done after 25 to 30 days of sowing. Second irrigation is given after 40 to 45 days. After that, the third irrigation is given at the time of flowering of the plants. Apart from this, its fertilizer management is also done properly.

There is no harm to the crop, and there is no reduction in its fertility power, so it is very important to take care of it. It has to be protected from pests like wild rats, weeds, grasshoppers, termites, gujiya weevils, aphids etc. For which many types of insecticides are used.

Cost and Earnings in Barley Cultivation

It is said that in which the cost is good, the earning of that thing is also good. But it makes sense to spend less and earn more. Barley Many things are made from it, so its demand has increased in the market. Joe is widely used in foods and some beverages. Things like malt, vinegar, beer, sattu, flour, bread, biscuits, paper board, paper etc. are manufactured from barley.

Apart from this, it is also a special diet of animals. cultivation of barley Many farmers are earning well through this. Including barley in your food plate is not a loss deal. Its consumption is a treasure of nutrients.

it was Barley Farming The matter of but, The Rural India But you will also get many important information on issues like agriculture and mechanization, government schemes and rural development. blogs Will meet, by reading which you can increase your knowledge and share it with others.

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