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Cultivation of groundnut: during your trip Groundnut (peanuts) Must have tasted the taste of grains. Sitting in a group with friends and eating peanuts is its own fun. This cheap almonds Also called

Groundnut Contains sufficient amount of protein and fiber. Consuming peanuts helps in reducing weight. daily 50-100 Eating peanuts maintains health. Peanut helps in digesting food. Due to this there is no shortage of blood in the body.

when it comes to farming groundnut farmingcultivation of peanuts Higher yields can be obtained from other traditional crops. This is the reason that peanut crop Farmers get more profit from it.

So come, today in this article Improved Cultivation of Groundnut (peanut farming) Know in easy language.

In this article you will learn

  • Climate for groundnut cultivation
  • Soil suitable for groundnut cultivation
  • preparation for cultivation
  • groundnut planting
  • Peanut Varieties
  • cost and earnings

Climate for groundnut cultivation

Groundnut is an important crop among oilseed crops. Its cultivation is mainly in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Occurs in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Apart from this, Uttar Pradesh, Groundnut is also grown in Bihar and Punjab.

Groundnut requires semi-arid and moist climate. for good yield 25 from 30 The temperature of degree centigrade is correct. For this 50 from 100 cm of rain is required.

Soil suitable for groundnut cultivation

Groundnut Farming It does well in light loamy and sandy soil. pH value of soil 6.0
from 6.5 It should be in between.

This is how to prepare for groundnut farming

Best time for groundnut cultivation 15 since june 15 Till July. Before this, plow the field well and leave it for a week. Make the soil pulverized before sowing. To maintain the moisture in the field, after every ploughing, make sure to apply a pata.

How to sow groundnut

for one hectare 1 A quintal of groundnut is sufficient. If using indigenous varieties, then its quantity can be increased slightly. Always buy seeds from trusted sources only.

Make sure to treat the seeds before sowing. This increases the ability of the seed to fight against diseases. seed treatment 2 either 3 Gram Thiram or Carbendazim can be done at the rate of per kg of seed.

Peanut Varieties

spreading varieties R S- 1, M- 335, Chitra,
R G- 382 (Durga), M-
13 and MA- 10 Etcetera.

Medium Spreading Varieties, H N G- 10, R G- 138, R G- 425, Girnar-
2 and RSB- 87 Etcetera.

Jhumka Varieties- D A G- 24, Gee Gee- 2, JL- 24, A K- 12 And 24,
tg- 37A and R G- 141 Etcetera.

groundnut farmingpeanut farming Cost and Earnings in

Groundnut is a high yielding crop. per hectare in its cultivation 1-2
It costs lakhs of rupees. If farmer brothers do proper fertilizer and irrigation management then they will get Rs. 5-6 There can be an income of lakhs.

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