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Madhumakhi Palan: low cost today Bee keeping It is developing as a cottage industry. it’s such a agribusiness In which more profit is obtained with less cost. Beekeeping can become a better means of employment for unemployed youth. There is immense potential in this business.

This question remains in front of most of the farmers and youth. How to do beekeeping (how to plan madhumakhi,

so come on The Rural India in this article of Bee keeping ,madhumakhi palan in hindi, Know in detail.

a look at beekeeping

Significantly, beekeeping is being done in our country since ancient times. There are many references to the use of honey in history. In ancient times, beekeeping was limited to the trees and plants of the forest. But in today’s time its commercial cultivation is being done on a large scale. India ranks fifth in the world in terms of production of honey.

These bees are used for honey

◼️ Queen Bee

This bee does the work of laying eggs and all other bees protect its eggs.

◼️ worker bees

These bees are present in large numbers in the hive. Many types of parallel stripes are found on the abdomen of this fly. This is called the stinging bee. These bees have the ability to collect maximum honey.

◼️ Male bee

The job of male bees is to impregnate the queen bees. The male bee eats the honey stored in the hive. In size, the male bee is slightly larger than the worker bee and smaller than the queen bee.

This is how wax is made

Beeswax is also considered valuable after honey. Bees make their hive out of wax. That’s why the bee first eats the honey and then by generating heat from it, takes out some parts of small wax through its glands. This is how wax is made in the honeycomb.

Keep these things in mind in beekeeping (madhumakhi palan)

  • Always keep the surrounding land clean at the place where you are doing beekeeping.

  • Bees, insects, ants, wax-eating insects, lizards, rats, chameleons and bears etc. are all their enemies. Therefore, make complete arrangements to avoid it.

environment suitable for beekeeping

The most important thing for a bee is a suitable environment. Raise bees in a garden or where there are more trees and plants. Beekeeping proves to be even more beneficial with the cultivation of flowers. Bees help a lot in pollination of crops. Due to which crop production can be increased by 20 to 80 percent. Beekeeping can be easily done in areas with trees like Sunflower, Carrot, Chilli, Soybean, Poppy Lentils Gram, Fruit trees like Lemon, Tangerine, Amla, Papaya, Guava, Mango, Orange, Sweet lime, Grapes, Eucalyptus and Gulmohar .

best time for beekeeping

January to March bee farming Best time to do it. But the time from November to February is no less than a boon for this business. During this, more benefits are available.

Cost and Earnings in Beekeeping

the boxes in which Beekeeping (madhumakhi palan) It is done, their expenditure comes to about 2 lakh rupees. You can easily get 400 to 700 rupees from one kilo of honey. With 50 boxes you can easily earn 2-3 lakhs per year.

loan for beekeeping

Loan facility is provided by the government from nationalized banks. As this business comes under a small scale industry category. You can approach Horticulture Department and District for loan or subsidy. Krishi Vigyan Kendra Contact.

benefits of eating honey

  • People use honey for their benefit in many ways.

  • Honey provides energy to the body.

  • Honey helps a lot in cleaning the arteries and blood.

  • Honey is no less than a boon for throat infection.

  • A person does not get fever by eating butter with a spoon of honey.

  • Feeding one spoon of honey daily to children improves their memory.

  • Also, it is used in cough, cold, digestion, eye disorders and cosmetics.

  • Honey helps in removing the fatigue of the body.

  • Consuming honey mixed with lemon water reduces obesity.

Aptitude for Beekeeping

In today’s time, beekeeping does not require any special qualification. Even a less educated person is suitable for this business. Training You can start your own business by taking it.

The training fees are also not much. You can take training from any institute for just Rs.400-500. You will get free training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra or Agriculture Department. In these training camps, you will be properly informed about the proper environment, new tools and management and new technology, species of bees that give more honey, breed improvement and information about diseases and scientific method to produce honey. training is given. With all these knowledge you can grow your business even more.

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Bee keeping

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