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Bakri Palan in Hindi: Goat rearing (bakari palan) It is a low cost and high profit giving business for the farmers. Farmers can easily do this from small scale to large scale. the farmer who cattle rearing they are unable to do on a small scale Goat farming can start.

to the goat Where is the cow of the poor? It is known that now most of the young farmers in India are adopting modern goat farming instead of traditional goat farming.

What is modern goat farming?

Earlier farmers used to rear only 5-10 goats along with farming, due to which there was not much profit. But now farmers are adopting it as a business. For this, by building a shed separately like poultry, keep more goats together. Now Goat rearing method has also become modern. This is called commercial goat farming.

To put it simply, goat rearing in an advanced way with a little training and a little more capital is all it takes.Modern Goat Farming’ (Adhunik Bakri Palan) is called

The government is also helping the farmers for commercial goat farming. for this you goat rearing scheme can apply for. commercial goat farming (commercial goat farming) For this, the government provides training and subsidy to the cattle rearers.

👉 Let me tell you, to make goat farming more successful by 2030, the government is providing funds to new cattle rearers under various schemes. Loan for goat rearing (bakri palan loan yojana) You can contact the Livestock Officer of your district to know how to get this information.

goat farming income

poultry after Goat rearing (bakari palan) It is becoming a favorite occupation of the farmers. Due to low cost and high profits, goat farming can be seen to grow in the last few years. Since poultry farming requires more care and medicines. There is also a high risk of many diseases like bird flu in poultry farming. If goat rearing is done well, then there is less possibility of diseases in goats.

You can get good profits by selling goat meat and milk. If you start it with 10-20 goats, then within 2 years you can have more than 200 goats, from which you can earn lakhs.

Why choose goat farming? (Why choose goat farming?)

It does not require much money and labor to start goat farming. This business can be easily done by one or two people.

Goat farming can be a good business for those unemployed youth, small farmers and animal herders who do not have much money to start their own business.

If goat farming is started after getting training in this business, then there is more benefit. Due to which you get all the modern training of goat farming. For which the government also provides training for goat rearing from time to time.

Goat Farming Training Center (Goat rearing training center

Central Goat Research Institute, Mathura

Let us tell you, for research on goats in India, the Central Goat Research Institute has been established in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. which Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) It is a premier research institute of

It is an autonomous organization under the Department of Agricultural Research and Education, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. This institution conducts goat rearing training at national level for the benefit of farmers, unemployed youth and small entrepreneurs.

For more information you can call on the phone number of this institute 0565- 2763320. Apart from this, you can visit the website of the institute www.cirg.res.in You can also get information by visiting

Full address of the institute- Central Goat Research Institute, Makhdoom, Post- Farah-281122, District- Mathura (U.P.)

benefits of goat farming

benefits of goat farming

Goat farming has more benefits in less time than other animal husbandry, which are as follows.

  • Goat rearing requires less space as compared to buffalo-cow or other animal husbandry.
  • If you have less space then still you can manage more goats in very less space.
  • Goat farming requires very little feed as compared to other animals.
  • For this you need less expenditure.
  • Goat farming can be done in all seasons and any where.
  • Goat can become mother 3 times in 2 years. So you can increase the number of goats in less time.
  • Nowadays goat meat is in high demand because of the diseases in chickens.
  • Goat meat, milk and other products provide important nutrients to the human diet.
  • Goat meat is high in protein, along with it is also high in iron.
  • Goat’s milk proves to be very effective in curing dangerous diseases like dengue.
  • Goat milk is easy to digest and is good for children and adults.

how to do goat farming ,goat rearing

The biggest question remains with the farmers that how to do goat rearing? What is the method of goat rearing?

first of all Goat rearing (bakari palan) Know the basics of goat rearing, so that more profit can be made in goat farming. This will help you to start the scheme of goat rearing on a large scale. Work with a strategy from the beginning in goat farming. This will reduce your loss in this business.

breed selection

First of all, it is necessary for the animal farmer to decide which type of goats to choose. In the selection of the breed, the cattle rearer should first select the indigenous goats. After some training they can choose the best breed according to their budget and climate.

shed construction

The selection of land and shed is very important for goat farming, as goats like high and clean places. For this you have to choose high land and shed. Goat farming does not require much space. You have to design the shed construction scientifically.

Goat Feeding and Care

In addition to all this, you have to take special care of the food. A healthy diet makes your goat healthy. Food bought from the market can be costly for you. So you can produce fodder for goats yourself at home.

Marketing and market of goats

Nowadays there is a lot of demand for goat meat in the market. There is no much need of marketing for this business. Once the customer comes to know about your farm house, he himself will come to you to buy these goats.

Apart from this, you can also sell goat kids to other goat farmers for them. Due to which you will also get more profit.

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in short goat rearing Goat farming can be a good business along with agriculture to double the income of the farmers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question- How to start goat farming?

Answer- Start goat farming with less goats. For this, first select the breed according to the climate of your area. Take proper care and proper diet of goats.

Question- 10 How much will it cost to raise a goat?

Answer- It will cost 10 to 20 thousand rupees to raise 10 goats. You will have to spend separately for the construction of the enclosure. With these 10 goats, you can get an income of 5 to 10 thousand per goat.

Question- How to do goat rearing in the village?

Answer- Goat rearing is very easy in the village. For this, first arrange accommodation in the village. There should be proper arrangement of water, electricity and air in the house.

Question- Which goat gives maximum number of children?

Answer- Barbari, Black Bengal, Jamunapari and Sirohi are the main goats that give the maximum number of children.

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