LIC Dhan Varsha: If you pay once, you will get several lakhs in 10 years! Dhamakadar policy in LIC –

LIC Dhan Varsha: Buying insurance is a smart move to protect your family’s future. One of the ways to invest without risk is to buy an LIC policy. If you want to invest in any plan of LIC then LIC Dhanvarsh Plan is the one. LIC’s plan number 866 or Dhanvarsh plan can get returns of lakhs of rupees with an investment of just 10 lakh rupees.

Death benefits in this policy

If the insured dies during the policy term, the sum assured and the guaranteed interest earned on it will be paid by LIC.

Return Calculator for Options 1 and 2

If a 30-year-old person pays a one-time premium of Rs.8,86,750 (Rs.9,26,654 with additional GST) in Option 1, the guaranteed return amount is Rs.11,08,750. Again if he opts for a term insurance policy with a tenure of 15 years he will get a return of Rs 21,25,000 on maturity. 11,83,438 will be available if the person dies in the first year. 22,33,438 will be available if the policyholder dies in the 15th year. On the other hand, in the second option, the basic sum assured is Rs. 10,00,000 and Rs. 79,87,000 in case of death during the term of the insurance.

Eligibility and Additional Restrictions

1. The minimum age for a 15-year policy is 3 years. And the minimum age for a 10 year policy is 8 years.

2. The maximum age to invest in option 1 of the policy is fixed at 60 years. And in option 2 maximum age can be 40 years for 10 years policy tenure and 35 years maximum for 15 years policy.

3. The minimum age for attaining maturity has been kept at 18 years.

4. The maximum age for attaining maturity is fixed at 75 years in the first option and 50 years in the second option.

5. Policy tenure is kept at 10 and 15 years.

6. Full premium to be paid at once.

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