LIC Jeevan Anand: 25 Lakhs per day investment of only 45 rupees! LIC comes up with an incredible scheme –

LIC Jeevan Anand: Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is India’s largest and oldest life insurance company. It is the only state owned life insurance company in India. As part of its commitment to provide the best customer service, LIC offers a variety of policies, one of which is Jeevan Anand Policy. These premium policies offer good bonuses and benefits to its customers. Mainly for those who invest in these policies for a fixed period of time.

Invest just Rs.45 per day and get guaranteed returns of up to Rs.25 lakhs:

Investing in the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Jeevan Anand Bima policy guarantees at least Rs 5 lakh. Besides, you can get up to 25 lakh rupees with Jeevan Anand Niti But to get this benefit, you must buy the policy for 35 years. Jeevan Anand Bima requires a deposit of Rs 1,358 per month or you can deposit Rs 16,300 annually. This policy is available at an investment of just 45 rupees per day.

Documents required for Jeevan Anand Bima:

To buy Jeevan Anand policy, you need to have the following documents namely Aadhaar Card, Bank Account, Mobile Number and PAN Card.

In Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)’s Jeevan Anand Bima policy, if a policyholder dies before maturity, the policyholder’s nominee will receive up to 125 percent of the death benefit. A minimum sum assured of Rs 1 lakh is available in this policy. But it has no upper limit This policy also provides coverage in case of accidental death and disability, critical illness. Investing in Jeevan Anand policy is not tax exempt.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is an insurance policy that promises to pay a certain amount of money after the person’s death. Besides, in some cases money is given in case of illness and accident. In this a policyholder pays a premium on a regular basis. There are multiple opportunities and benefits available in this insurance. One of the benefits is getting funeral expenses.

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