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Life story of Bhardwaj Rishi: Bharadwaj Rishi was an ancient Indian sage. Charaka Samhita (Charaka Samhita) According to legend, Bhardwaj received the knowledge of Ayurveda from Indra. According to the Riktantra, he was the fourth grammarian after Brahma, Brihaspati and Indra. He had received the knowledge of grammar from Indra. Maharishi Bhrigu preached theology to him. at the time of Kraunchavadha on the banks of the Tamsa Bhardwaj Maharishi was with Valmiki, according to Valmiki Ramayana Bhardwaj Maharishi Valmiki He was a disciple of

in Vedic sages Bharadwaj Rishi has a high position. Angiravanshi Bhardwaj’s father was Brihaspati and mother Mamta. Due to the son of Brihaspati Rishi Angira, he Angira dynasty Called Rishi Bhardwaj Composed many texts, among them Yantra Sarvasva and Vimanshastra are discussed even today.

Story of sage Bhardwaj

Among the sons of Rishi Bhardwaj, 10 sages are mantra seers of Rigveda and one daughter whose name was ‘Ratri’, she is also considered to be the mantra seer of Ratri Sukta. The names of the sons of Bhardwaj’s seer are Rijishva, Garga, Nar, Payu, Vasu, Shas, Shirambith, Shunhotra, Sapratha and Suhotra. According to the Sarvanukramani of Rigveda, ‘Kashipa’ has been said to be the daughter of Bhardwaj. In this way, the 12 children of Rishi Bhardwaj were honored in the category of Mantradrashta Rishis. Bharadwaj Rishi had very deep experiences. The dimensions of his education were very wide.

Teachings of sage Bhardwaj

Bhardwaj had studied grammar from Indra and taught it along with interpretation to many sages. It is described in both ‘Riktantra’ and ‘Aitareya Brahmin’.

Charak Rishi has written that Bhardwaj had learned Ayurveda from Indra. On the basis of his in-depth study of this Ayurveda, Bhardwaj had also composed the Ayurveda-Samhita.

Bharadwaja received the teachings of theology from Maharishi Bhrigu and composed ‘Bhardwaja-Smriti’. Mahabharata and Hemadri have mentioned it. It is prevalent in the Pancharatra-Bhakti-Sampradaya that a code of the Sampradaya ‘Bhardwaj-Code’ Rishi Bhardwaj was also its creator.

According to Mahabharata, Shantiparva, sage Bhardwaj had given a discourse on ‘Dhanurveda’. It is also said there that Rishi Bharadwaj had recited ‘Rajashastra’. Kautilya has accepted Rishi Bhardwaj with respect among the creators of Arthashastra in his past.

Works of Rishi Bhardwaj

Rishi Bhardwaj had composed a huge book named ‘Yantra-Sarvasva’. Some part of this book has been published by Swami Brahmamuni in the name of ‘Viman-Shastra’. In this book, there is a description of the construction of various metals for the high and low level flying planes.

In this way, Rishi Bhardwaj was simultaneously grammarian, theology, education, rajshastra, economics, Dhanurveda, Ayurveda and physicist – this is proved by the quotes of his books given in his books and other books.

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