Lottery again in the state got 1 crore! The shop is also decorated, the search is on for the winner –

: Nowadays, we often hear the news of becoming a millionaire by winning crores of rupees in the lottery. Even, such incidents are occasionally observed in different parts of our state. Keeping that fear, this incident again came to the fore in Dattapukur of North Twenty Four Parganas.

It is known that a person won a lottery of crores of rupees there last Saturday. However, the lottery shop was set up after receiving this news despite the fact that the lottery seller could not be found. The shop is decorated with flowers and lights. In this situation, it is known that the winner has kept his identity secret for the sake of security after winning crores of rupees.

It should be noted that many people have won huge sums of money in that lottery shop before. Basically, the shop had won a lottery of 50 lakh rupees several times before, but this is the first time the winner has won a lottery of 1 million rupees. In this context, the owner and sub-stockist of the lottery shop, Jaydev Saha, said that, “Earlier three-four years ago, three-four years ago, there was a lottery of 50 lakh rupees 3 times. But, this is the first time that the lottery of crores of rupees has come.”

In this case, the house of the winner is also said to be in the nearby area. Besides, Jaydev Babu also said that he is really happy to win crores like this. Not only that, because of this incident, he thought that the rate of lottery sales may increase further. In such a situation, as soon as this news came out, he organized his shop. Apart from distributing sweets, Jaydev Babu has also planned a picnic on Sunday.

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