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LPG Price Hike: On the first day of the year, the push is for common people. The price of cooking gas has increased. Gas cylinder prices have increased since January 1. The price per cylinder has increased by Rs.25. Gas cylinder prices have increased in all cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Patna and Kolkata. But hopefully, in the new year, the pocket money of the common middle class is not falling for the gas cylinder. Because the price of commercial gas cylinders increased on the first day of the year. Domestic cylinder prices have not been hiked for now.

What is the price of commercial gas in any city?

Commercial cylinder prices vary from state to state. Commercial gas prices vary mainly due to tax rates. As a result of the new price hike, the price of a commercial gas cylinder in Delhi has increased from Rs 1744 to Rs 1769. The price of LPG cylinder in Mumbai last month was Rs 1696. Which has increased to 1721 rupees. On the other hand, the price of commercial gas in Kolkata has increased by Rs 1870 as a result of the new price hike. On the other hand, the price in Chennai has increased by Rs.1917.

What are commercial cylinders?

The cylinders used for home cooking are actually 14.5 kg gas cylinders. These are actually domestic cylinders. Other, the cylinders used in hotels, restaurants are commercial cylinders. It weighs 19 kg. The color of this gas cylinder is blue. This is actually a commercial gas cylinder.

Commercial gas prices

How much does it cost to buy domestic cylinders?

Domestic gas cylinder price in capital Delhi is Rs.1053. The price of this LPG cylinder in Kolkata is Rs.1079. 1052.50 rupees to buy this domestic cylinder in Mumbai. On the other hand, LPG price in another metro city Chennai is Rs 1068.50. There has been no change in fuel prices in the last 3 months.

Why the fear of increasing the price of commercial cylinders?

Incidentally, the price of commercial gas increased in Gujarat after the polls. In such a situation, the fear of increase in the price of domestic cylinders is being ruled out, or so the experts say.

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