Madhyamik Exam: Special measures to protect the security of Madhyamik Exam! Launching ‘Real Time App’! –

Secondary examination in the state will start from 23rd February. Will continue till 4th March. The state is cautious about this year’s secondary examination from the beginning. One-to-one measures are being taken to ensure security on exam days. It was recently informed that ‘Real Time App’ will be launched to protect the security of secondary exams. Through this app, board bosses will get regular updates from Venu supervisors.

Madhyamiksha Parshad does not agree to any compromise with this year’s Madhyamik. Extreme security measures are being taken. For example, the unprecedented decision of the board to stop the question leak this time. It is known that even if a candidate finishes the exam before the scheduled time, he will not be allowed to leave the hall with the question paper. In that case the candidates have to wait till the completion of the entire exam. Candidates should collect the question paper after the exam is over.

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According to the board sources, this step has been taken to prevent the question papers from being circulated before the end of the examination. Besides, it is known that the question papers of the secondary examination will be brought to the examination center under strict security. Police guard is deployed from the time of receipt of question papers till the release of answer sheets. The entire examination center will have CCTV surveillance system. Mobile usage of security and health workers will also be regulated.

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After that, the board took another important decision. It is known that ‘real time app’ will be launched for secondary exams. Through this, board leaders will keep in constant contact with Venu supervisors. The board will get ‘real time data’ through this special app. It has been decided to use technical techniques appropriately to ensure the security and impartiality of this year’s secondary examination.

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