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Mangosteen Farming: Mangosteen is an exotic fruit, which is rich in nutrients. It has antioxidant, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. It is sweet and sour in taste, but full of nutrients. Mangosteen is so beneficial for health that it is in demand all over the world.

Mangosteen is effective in fighting many diseases. For this reason people like it a lot and its prices are also good.

today we you The Rural India in this blog of Mangosteen Farming Telling about.

So first of all let us know about the suitable climate for mangosteen cultivation.


Mangosteen farming requires warm, humid and equatorial climate. This fruit does not take much heat, neither much cold nor much water. 5 to 35 degree Celsius temperature is fine for its cultivation. It produces well in average rainfall. Mangosteen plants need up to 13 hours of sunlight each day.


For Mangosteen Farming, sandy loam is considered good for growing fertile soil. Acidic with a pH value of 6.5 to 7.5 is best for this. It grows best in well drained soil.


Planting mangosteen seeds is a bit difficult, so the plant should be bought from the nursery. Its plant takes two years to grow up to 12 inches high. It bears fruit twice a year in the months of July to October and April to June. Fresh water should be used while watering its plant.

crop period

After transplanting, it takes 5 to 6 years for these trees to bear fruit. However, the timing of fruit production also depends on proper irrigation and fertilizer management and care.

irrigation management

Water the plant only when the top surface becomes dry. If growing from seed, keep the soil moist. Use only fresh water while watering the plant. Do not use salt water.

Earning in Mangosteen Farming

Let me tell you, if you do Mangosteen Farming by taking care of some special things, then you can get good yields as well as earn good profits.

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