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Matsya Setu App (matsya app): if you Fisheries If you want to find a career or opportunity in India, then the government has launched a very good app for you. whose name is- matsya setu app

Significantly, India ranks second in the world in fish farming. The government wants to do this at number one. Seeing the immense potential in fish farming, the government has Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana is launched.

so come on The Rural India in this blog of matsya setu app (matsya setu app) know about.

What is Matsya Setu App? (matsya setu app)

To promote fisheries, the government Many schemes have been launched. matsya setu app is also one of these schemes. The app was launched on 6th July by the then Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Giriraj Singh.

matsya app: good news for fish farmers, ICR launches Matsya Setu app

you can easily get it from google play store download can do. Here every information about fish farming is given by experts through videos. this app ICAR- Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (ICAR-CIFA), Made by Bhubaneswar.

Features of Matsya Setu App

  • Matsya Setu App is absolutely free.

  • Matsya Setu App is available in Hindi and English language.

  • Complete information available from seed to market for fish farming.

  • Fish farming information through short videos.

  • Providing information to maintain water quality.

Watch Matsya Setu app in video-

a look at fishing

  • India’s second place in fish farming

  • India produces 6.3 percent of the world

  • Total production of 14.6 metric tonnes of fish in the year- 2019-20

  • The annual growth of fisheries in our country is more than 7 percent.

  • The share of fisheries in the country’s GDP is 1.24 percent.

online training facility

Significantly, due to the Corona epidemic, fish farmers were facing a lot of inconvenience in taking training. This app has the facility of online training. Through which fish keepers can ask every question to the fish. Through this app, you can get information about fish farming according to the climate of your area. In such a situation, by increasing your knowledge, you can increase the income from fish farming.

In this app, according to different species of fish, the way of their care has been explained. In addition to fish farming in this app Pearl Farming has been told about. If the farmer brothers are facing any problem, then they can also ask about their problems through this app.

download from google play store

To use this app, you can go to Google Play Store download can do. After downloading the app, you can login by providing your details. For this you have to enter email, mobile number and address in the app.

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