Method of making insecticide from neem. Method of making insecticide from neem –

Method of making insecticide from neem: Farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the fields, which sometimes affects the crop and causes heavy losses. That’s why now farmers are slowly using natural pesticides. In such insecticide made from neemneem insecticide Very effective and cheap.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Easy way to make insecticide from neem Learn.

method of making insecticide from neem leaves

  • Collect neem leaves. Then dry them in the shade.

  • After the leaves are completely dry, soak it in enough water overnight.

  • Then fill the neem leaf water in a bottle and sprinkle it on the plants.

  • Its spraying does not affect the insects on the crops.

  • Pests run away or die by spraying it.

  • Spraying Brinjal plants with insecticide made from neem leaves stem borer Plants can be saved from

Method of making insecticide from neem cake

  • First of all, boil 3 kg finely ground Niboli in about 15 to 16 liters of water for three days.

  • After this, on the fourth day, take 250 grams of ground green chillies and 100 grams of Datura juice, take out about 3 liters of extract from it.

  • Mix 1.5 liters of extract in about 15 liters of pure water and spray on the plant in the morning.

  • This medicine is very effective for protection from insects, mosquitoes and flies etc. on plants and leaves.

  • Spray insecticide made from neem cake only on one month old crop.

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