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how to make jaggery from sugarcane in hindi: Jaggery It is commonly used for sweetening. Eating it in winter brings heat to the body. Consuming sugar for sweetness is not considered good but jaggery does not pose any health risk. it is for human health Jaggery It is considered very beneficial.

nowadays Jaggery has also started being made in factories like sugar. But jaggery made organically by extracting sugarcane juice in the traditional way has a huge demand in the market. Importance of organic jaggery Even today there is a lot in the markets and homes.

If sugarcane producers sell jaggery instead of sugarcane, they get double the profit. So come on, in this article Method of making jaggery Learn.

How to make jaggery from sugarcane?

  • To make jaggery, sugarcane juice is first extracted.

  • The winch for extracting sugarcane juice can be operated in different ways.

  • First- Electric or diesel-petrol powered motor.

  • SecondJuice is extracted from the bull by tying it to the pulley.

  • After filtering it with a muslin cloth, it is cooked in a pan placed on the furnaces.

  • Sugarcane straw can be burned to fuel furnaces.

  • The juice is slowly cooked on a grate.

  • After ripening, the color of sugarcane juice becomes golden.

  • Then it is cooled by pouring it on a large tray or a smooth cement floor.

  • During this, it has to be turned continuously by stirring it with a scraper.

  • After cooling it remains soft for some time.

  • During this, it can be given different shapes.

  • In this way your jaggery is ready.

Marketing of jaggery like this

Marketing of jaggery is very easy. You can easily sell organic jaggery in exhibition, fair, sweet shop or mall. Apart from this, you can also sell jaggery by making your own brand. Jaggery is sold in abundance during festivals. So these days you can also sell jaggery directly to the customer.

Farmer brothers! it was Jaggery business and method of making jaggery (good banane ki vidhi), Similarly, if you want information about agriculture, mechanization, government scheme, business idea and rural development, then other parts of this website Article Must read and share for others to read too.

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