Millionaire in 15 months! Shares of 35 paisa have become 554 taka, you can also be the goods –

: Currently, the number of investors in the share market is increasing. Besides, there are some stocks which are giving great returns to the investors. As a result of which they are facing huge profit. In this case, in the current report today we will tell you about a Multibagger Share that has made its investors millionaires in two years.

Basically, the share we are discussing is the share of Sel Manufacturing Company Ltd. Shares of this company have surprised investors with returns of over 1,58,185 percent in the last two years. However, this share has been under some pressure in the last 6 months. During this period, the share price fell by 41.42 percent. Meanwhile, the stock closed at Rs 554.10 on NSE last Monday. Which is 5 percent less than before.

35 paise to 862.25 rupees stock price: Let us inform in this context that the share price of Cell Manufacturing Company Limited has increased from 35 paise (closing price on 27th October, 2021) on NSE to 554.10 rupees on 9th January, 2023. That is, the stock of the company has given a great return of around 158185.71 percent during this period. Also, the share price has increased by 80.71 percent in the last one year.

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How much profit has been made: In this case, looking at the share price statistics of Cell Manufacturing Company Limited, it will be understood that if a person had invested 1 lakh rupees in this share at 35 paisa 15 months ago, then today that amount would have increased to about 16 crore rupees. It should be noted that the company is in debt. Besides, trading has also been stopped for the past few days.

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