Millions of rupees flew from the roof of the nephew’s wedding ex-panchayat chief! Pushing notes –

: Money is ‘raining’ from the roof, not the sky. Not a movie, in reality such an incident happened in Mehsana district of Gujrat. Nephew’s Marriage Ceremony, Former Panchayat Head of Bezay Uchhasit area. He was not satisfied with the grand wedding ceremony, at the end he threw millions of rupees from the roof to make the ceremony more grand.

Money is ‘raining’ from the roof, and there is a rush to collect it. As soon as such a scene came to light, there was an uproar across the country. It is known that Karim Yadav is the former head of Agol village in Mehsana district. Karim’s nephew Razzak got married on Thursday 16th in February itself. The wedding ceremony was performed with great fanfare.

Former panchayat chief Karim Yadav took out a procession in the village on the second day of the ceremony after the marriage ceremony. During the ceremony, Karim and some members of his family suddenly climbed onto the roof of the house. After that, he started flying money in bunches from there. It is known that Karim Babu also flew notes from 10, 200 to 500 rupees. Bangla Hunt Team has not verified the authenticity of the video.

On the other hand, hundreds of local people stood below his house while flying money from the roof. As soon as the money falls from above, it is a frenzy to collect it. According to local sources, there was even a stampede at times. Locals claim that Karim Babu blew several lakhs of rupees from the roof. Everyone was shocked when this incident came to the fore.

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