Millions of rupees kept in PNB’s lockers are “soil” in the attack of termites! Female customer with hand on head –

: Now a sensational incident has come to light from Rajasthan. It is known that the unprecedented incident happened in the branch of Punjab National Bank (Punjab National Bank) in Udaipur city. Basically, the termites ate the lakhs of rupees notes and property documents kept by a woman customer in the locker of the bank located in Kalaji Goraji area of ​​the city. In such a situation, the notes of 2.15 lakh rupees in the locker got lost. The female customer went to the bank and opened her locker to find the bundles of notes inside had literally turned to the ground. After that he told the whole matter to the bank staff.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the bank’s manager were also shocked to see the condition of the money deposited in the locker. Besides, the whole incident caused an uproar everywhere. It is known that the bank officials returned the money to the woman. However, the customer got really upset after seeing the termite notes. Besides, the bank has also asked other customers to check their respective lockers in case of termite infestation in other lockers of the bank.

Basically, when Sunita Mehta, the owner of locker number 265 of that bank, went to collect the money lying in the locker, she found that all the money had been eaten by termites. There was 2 lakh rupees in a cloth bag in that locker. Besides, 15 thousand rupees were kept outside the bag. In this regard, according to Aaj Tak’s report, Sunita Mehta, wife of a man named Mahesh, a resident of Hiran Magri, had taken a locker in her name at PNB.

The woman kept a total of Rs 2.15 lakh in the locker. In May last year, he once opened the locker and found that the notes were completely safe till then. But when the locker was opened on Thursday last week, it was found that the money had been completely eaten by termites.

Allegations of negligence against the bank: In such a situation, Sunita alleged that her money was lost because the bank authorities did not carry out pest control. Besides, some other items kept inside the locker were also in danger of damage, it was alleged to the bank manager. Sunita said, if the bank employees had resolved it in time, the termites would not have attacked the items kept in the lockers.

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What the manager said: In this context, PNB senior manager Praveen Kumar Yadav said that the customer’s loss information has been given to higher authorities. Apart from this, the woman has also been asked to come to the bank so that her problems can be resolved. Basically, the damp environment inside the bank caused termite damage. Meanwhile, Sunita said there are at least 25 lockers in the bank where termites have reached. They spread from the wall to the locker.

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