Mother Dairy Safal Franchise: Big Profit Opportunity Through ‘Safal’ Project! How much money to invest? –

Mother Dairy Safal Franchise: Safal Business Scheme was taken up in 1988 by the Central Government. Fruit and vegetable producers and buyers in urban areas have benefited through this scheme. This successful project is under Mother Dairy. Incidentally, Mother Dairy is an organization under the ‘National Dairy Development Board’.

It has 423 retail outlets across the country including Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurugram, Bangalore. Around 1.5 lakh customers are served through them every day. Ex-servicemen or their family members can apply for this scheme. By investing only a few lakhs of rupees a month can earn good income through successful outlets.

Application Procedure for Mother Dairy Safal Franchise—

Application for franchise of Safal can be made in the following manner.—

1. Application form to be filled under AWPO Army Welfare Placement Organisation.

2. Shall attend joint interview called by Safal & AWPO.

3. Deposit Security and Working Capital should be deposited by two Government Officers as guarantors as per the agreement.

Big profit opportunities in 'successful' projects

Big profit opportunities in ‘successful’ projects

4. Necessary training is given to the newly hired franchisees by Safal.

5. It is possible to increase income on a monthly basis if you follow the advice and advice of the sales team of Safool.

How much does Mother Dairy Safal franchise cost?

A minimum refundable security of Tk 2 lakh to Tk 1 lakh and a further Tk 1 lakh of Workim Capital is required to take up a franchise of Success.

How much is the rent, bills and other expenses of Mother Dairy Safal franchise?

Those who have taken the franchise will not have to pay any rent, utility bills or maintenance charges. This cost will be borne by Success. The outlet and all the necessary infrastructure will be created by Succeed. All types of display racks, electronic weighing machines, deep freezers, visi coolers, crates, etc., will be provided by the project. The duration of this contract is 2 years. This contract will be renewed based on performance.

In this case, good PR skills are enough to run this outlet. So that buyers are attracted. It is necessary to maintain good relations with them.

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