Nationwide bank strike will not be able to withdraw money from ATM! –

: Bank customers may face major problems in the last week of this month. According to the information received, the bank services may be disrupted from January 28 to January 31. It is to be noted that the bank union has decided to go on strike for 2 days. And due to this strike many services may be affected starting from ATM withdrawal.

Banking services will be disrupted for 4 days: Originally, the bank union announced the strike on January 30 and 31. In such a situation, the bank will remain closed due to the fourth Saturday of January 28. Bank services will be closed again on January 29, Sunday. In this case, you may have to wait till February 1 if you cannot complete the necessary bank related work by Friday.

Why the strike is happening: A meeting of the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) was held in Mumbai recently. Where bank unions have decided to go on strike for two days. Basically, the bank unions went on strike to pressurize the government to meet their desired demands.

Banking related work to be done within 5 days: Giving information in this regard All India Bank Employees Association General Secretary CH Venkatachalam said that a meeting of the United Forum has been held. Where a strike has been decided for 2 days. He said that the demand of bank unions is that banking work should be done in 5 days. Apart from this, the pension also needs to be updated.

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Salary Increase Demand: Along with this, the employees demanded that NPS should be canceled and salary hike should be discussed. Also, there has been a demand to start the recruitment process in all cadres. And in view of these demands, the union has decided to strike.

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