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Gig Workers: There is a lexical name for digital technology-based businesses. That is, the ‘gig economy’. According to the owners of this business, they have introduced a new work culture. Where employees are free to work on their own terms and flexible hours. Even, if you want, you can work in three or four companies at the same time. You can go to work whenever you want. App-services dream of freeing workers by using words like ‘independent’, ‘free choice’ etc.

But is the reality really so bright? There was a doubt about it. A section of experts also expressed concern about the real situation of gig workers and their plight. Experts spoke of the darkness beneath the lamplight. He said that in the gig economy, there is no stability, security of the work of the worker, uncertainty is the key.

This time it really came to light again in a recent report. Among the digital platforms in India where the working conditions of gig workers are the worst, Ola, Uber, quick-grocery delivery company Dunzo have come up in the list. A total of 12 digital platforms—Amazon Flex, Bigbasket, Dunzo, Flipkart, Ola, PharmEasy, Porter, Swiggy, Uber, Urban Company, Zepto and Zomato—did not score even 7 out of 10 in the survey. Under the ‘Fairwork India Ratings 2022 Report’, organizations were assessed based on 5 main criteria to judge the status of gig workers. —Fair Play, Fair Conditions, Fair Contract, Fair Management and Fair Representation.

Incidentally, the FairWork India team is under the Center for IT and Public Policy and the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. In collaboration with Oxford University (Oxford University). Balaji Parthasarathy, principal investigator of the group, said that the condition of gig workers is very worrying. And governments, consumers and platform leaders should step up to change this situation. According to Parthasarathy, “We request all parties, including the government, to look into this report and ensure that the lakhs of gig workers in the country get a good working environment. In the new year, 2023, may the gig workers have a good working environment.” drink.”

Another significant aspect emerged in the report. That is, no matter how many workers demand a fixed income, no digital platform has publicly agreed to it. Not only that, when the workers went to the company authorities to tell their grievances collectively, the concerned authorities did not pay any attention to them.

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