OMR sheet does not have the examiner’s signature! But the teacher is teaching school math sir! –

WBSSC Exam: There are many signs of corruption in the recruitment of teachers in the state. Some examples of which are eye-popping. Earlier, the number of candidates who passed with only a handful of answers was not less. However, this is virtually the first instance of employment being upheld by examination without the examiner’s signature. A similar incident has been noticed in the OMR sheet published by SSC recently. In this case, the complaint is being raised against a teacher named Arindam Santara of East Medinipur. This is not a number, but he has a calculation!

Recently, the OMR sheet (answer sheet) of the ineligible candidates was published on the website of the School Service Commission on the orders of the court. All these candidates are known to be illegally appointed. Then among the related OMR sheets, the OMR sheet of a candidate named Arindam Santara came into notice. The examiner has no signature on the answer sheet! Did he go to the exam at all? Strong demands are being raised in this regard. However, instead of a blank notebook, his notebook contains answers to a few questions. It got 35! Which is not really supposed to get. It is also known that he is employed as a math teacher in a school in East Medinipur.

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Not only that, Arindam Santara’s application form does not mention his graduation number! According to the sources, when asked about the related matter, Ank Sir of Midnipur did not give any correct answer. However, the social media has become quite noisy about the incident. Various political issues are also emerging. How did the test without the signature of the examiner? Even if the exam was attended by the candidate! Controversy is also about these. How can a candidate employed in this way work for so long? There are also questions about that.

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