On the first day of the year, the price of cooking gas increased a lot! Pressure on the pockets of the people – mssewb.org

The suffering of the people of the country begins before the new year begins. The price of fuel has been greatly increased by the central government. And this is what is called ‘surprise’ of the new year. On the last day of last year i.e. December 31st midnight, the price of commercial LPG was increased to Tk 24 per cylinder. But till now the price of the gas cylinder (14.2 kg weight) used for cooking remains the same.

It is known that in the city of Kolkata (Kolkata), the price of this 19 liter commercial gas or commercial LPG per cylinder was Tk 1844.50. Along with that, it was increased by 24 rupees from December 31 midnight. Now its price is Rs 1868.50 per cylinder. In that direction, although the price of this commercial gas has increased in the capital cities of Delhi and Mumbai, it is comparatively much lower than Kolkata.

While the price of commercial gas in Delhi is Rs 1,768 per cylinder, the price of commercial gas per cylinder in Mumbai is Rs 1,721. However, apart from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, the price per cylinder of this gas has also increased in Chennai. And here the price of gas per cylinder is highest. Here gas price per cylinder is fixed at Rs.1917.

According to informed sources, the central government may have already decided to increase the price. Because the price of this gas decreased almost 5 times during the last 6 months. However, hoteliers were the most affected by the increase in gas prices at the beginning of the new year. This is the price of all things in the market, meanwhile the price of commercial gas has increased. If many of them continue to say this, it will become a problem for them to do this business and it is natural that if the price of gas increases, the price of food in restaurants will also increase. So it goes without saying that you will spend a lot of money when you go to a restaurant from now on.

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