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how to earn money onlinehow to earn money online, 21st century is the era of internet. Now most of the businesses have gone digital. In such a situation, it is even easier to do business sitting at home. Customers are also found online for your business. If you also want to do business sitting at home. So in today’s digital world there are many businesses which you can easily do from home.

Today in this article we 8 ways to earn money online Telling, by which you can easily earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home.

So come on The Rural India in this article of How to do business sitting at home (ghar bethe business kaise kare)know.

1. Give online tuition to children

These days the way of reading has also changed after the lockdown. Children are getting online tutors at home. Due to which the children are doing their studies safely. If you also have the skill to teach, then you can make a video of your subject. For this, you can connect with the children online and teach them. For this, many apps have come nowadays, which help a lot in bringing your business online. As teachmint, class plus And so on.

2. Become an Influencer on Social Media

For this, you can try your hand on social media. For this, you can choose the work of fashion, style, makeup, parenting etc. according to your interest. For this, you can increase your reach on your social media through your posts sitting at home. For this, you have to be very active on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. After having good followers and more subscribers, many companies can contact you. They give up to lakhs of rupees to promote the product.

3. Online Yoga Teacher

Due to the Corona epidemic, people have remained imprisoned in their own homes, due to which they have started facing many health problems. They cannot go out, for this they are now promoting yoga at home. If you have good knowledge about yoga, then you can do your business online by teaching yoga to people on the internet.

4. Freelance writer job

If you are fond of reading and writing, then you are sitting at home. freelance writer Can become For this, you can do blog writing for companies very comfortably. for this you Freelancer, Fiverr Like you can take help of website. In this, you can work according to your timing while sitting at home.

5. By blogging

Nowadays most of the writers are earning lakhs of rupees by making their own blog website. For this you can use Google’s free blogger platform. Apart from this, you can also create your blog on WordPress and put your experiences, day-to-day talks, photos, information etc. On liking your blog, people will automatically start visiting your website daily. After this, you can link Google’s Adsense or Affiliate Marketing to earn money from your blog. With this you can easily earn thousand to one lakh rupees every month.

6. By becoming a youtuber

Nowadays people like to watch videos a lot. Let me tell you, there are many people who were unable to do anything earlier sitting at home, but today they are earning lakhs of rupees only by putting videos on YouTube. For this, you can make any video according to your interest. If nothing else, you can make a video of the work you do or have any information and put it on YouTube. On getting views, YouTube can give you up to lakhs of rupees every month. For this you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

7. Online Graphic Designing

If you have the skill then no one can stop you from doing business sitting at home. Graphic designing work is best for this. Graphic designers create a variety of designs for companies. Since nowadays every company wants to appear online. For this, they get many types of catalogues, posters, made for brand promotion. For this, first of all you have to learn the work of graphic designing. For this, you should have knowledge of many types of designing tools like CorelDraw, Adobe, Quark etc.

8. By opening Online Facilitation Center

Nowadays, whether it is a government scheme or applying for any competition exam, everything has to be done online. For this, you can open online Sahaj Kendra sitting at your home. From booking tickets online to paying bills online, you can avail the facility here.

if you Government Public Service Center if you want to open CSC Center You can also apply for

It was 8 ways to earn money online sitting at homehow to earn money online, Apart from this, you can do many types of business sitting at home. For which you do not need internet. For this you our blog ways to earn money in villagecan read.

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