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OYO Hotel Booking: Undoubtedly, Oyo has revolutionized the world of hotel booking in India. On New Year’s Eve, Oyo set a new record. On the year-end night, Oyo witnessed nearly 4.5 lakh bookings. Ritesh Aggarwal, founder and CEO of OYO, said that the company has not seen this amount of bookings in India in the last 5 years. In a tweet, the OYO CEO said, “The busiest day of the year.” He said, “More than 450,000 hotel bookings were made on OYO on New Year’s Eve. This is 35 percent more than on this day last year. Also, the number of hotel bookings on this day is the highest number of hotel bookings on Oyo in the last 5 years. #CheckIn2023.”

Varanasi has more bookings than Goa

Surprisingly, what has happened is that Varanasi has more OYO room bookings than Goa. According to the company, the highest number of Oyo room bookings in Varanasi compared to Goa on New Year’s Eve. Ritesh Aggarwal tweeted, “Goa bookings are increasing by the hour. But you know which city beat Goa too? Varanasi.”

OYO is growing in popularity in small towns


OYO already had a presence in major cities of the country. But recent news agency reports claim business is booming in small towns. The popularity of room booking in Oyo is reported to have increased even from smaller towns.

Where is the most booking of Oyo?

According to the data released by OYO, the leading state in terms of room bookings in 2022 is Uttar Pradesh. Hathras, Uttarakhand’s Srinagar, along with Sasaram, Tenali, among other smaller cities are reported to witness the highest growth in Oyo bookings in 2022.

Room booking facility in Oyo

Oyo has emerged as one of the best options for booking rooms in other cities. A person can book a hotel in his own city or another city from the comfort of his own home. A person can also call and talk to the listed hotels in Oyo. Besides, he got multiple options for hotel booking. Besides, if you book Oyo, you don’t have to go to a new place and find a hotel. Payment can also be made at the hotel. Apart from this, the privacy of the guests is also maintained at Oyo.

Oyo room booking danger!

Oyo is an aggregator hotel booking company. None of the hotels are Oyo’s own. Oyo only lists multiple hotels in the city. Although Ola has been in talks with the hotel, there have been allegations of hidden cameras in Ola hotels for the past several years. Which has put the guests in trouble.

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