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Oyo Rooms: Valentine’s week once again witnessed record room bookings. Reports from all cities, including Kolkata, show that room bookings have increased significantly during Valentine’s week. But the main twist lies elsewhere. Goa is one of the most popular couples destinations in the country. But OYO’s room booking report shows that Vrindavan has beaten Goa in terms of room bookings. But do couples prefer Vrindavan instead of going to popular destinations like Goa, Shimla, Mussoorie or Ooty on their romantic days?

According to Oyo’s own report, almost all hotels in Vrindavan were booked on Valentine’s Day. Which is more than Goa and Manali. Room bookings at Vrindavan increased by 231 percent on Valentine’s Day.

OYO’s business on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was on Tuesday this year. As a result, hotel owners were worried about room booking. But defying all fears, OYO witnessed a 35 percent increase in room bookings on Valentine’s Day. Oyo also witnessed record room bookings in the week that Republic Day fell on January 26 on Thursday, Oyo said. The company also saw a similar increase in bookings during Valentine’s week. However, Goa had the highest number of room bookings on Republic Day.

OYO has reported a 231 percent increase in bookings at Vrindavan this Valentine’s Day. Judging by the big cities, Bengaluru saw a 51 percent increase in bookings on Valentine’s Day. In Pune this amount is 45 percent. Even in Kolkata, OYO room bookings increased by 38 percent on Valentine’s Day. In Chennai and Mumbai, these room bookings increased by 38 percent and 35 percent.

On the other hand, if Valentine’s week is seen as a type of OYO destination, hill stations have more room bookings than beaches. OYO also said that while most room bookings in 2022 were for just 2 days, in 2023 room bookings were mostly for 4 days. This means that common people prefer long tours rather than short ones.

Vrindavan saw the highest number of room bookings on Valentine’s Day, says Yoo, ‘This high demand in Vrindavan indicates that Indians are choosing Valentine’s Day to spend time with family and friends. Since Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, many people have booked from the weekend till Valentine’s Day.’

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