Pakistan Poverty : Hand in hand with China, more ‘poor’ Pakistan! Poverty increased by 35.7 percent –

Pakistan Poverty: Two days ago, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the central policy regarding India’s security and said that China-Pakistan has become one. As a result, any kind of war situation on the border will be problematic for India later. Because India has to deal with two ‘hostile’ neighbors. Rahul Gandhi’s comments have naturally sparked controversy. The ruling BJP party and the opposition Congress at the center are fighting over it.

But in the meantime, a report on the economic condition of Pakistan (Pakistan Economic condition) has been published recently. According to a group of international relations experts, no matter how much China-Pakistan join hands to keep India under pressure, there is no special financial benefit for Pakistan. Even, despite having powerful countries like China on their side, Pakistan’s poverty has not been addressed. On the contrary, it is gradually increasing.

According to a report published in a Pakistan newspaper, the country’s poverty rate has increased by 35.7% and food prices have increased by 20-30%. Pakistan ranks 92nd out of 116 countries in the International Poverty Index. The situation is further complicated by the deplorable condition of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves. The report of the Pakistani newspaper says that the dollar has reached the bottom. The exchange rate of Pakistani currency or Pakistani rupee to dollar is 224-225. But this is the official rate. Which most of the banks there are unwilling to accept. Because, the banks argue, the value of their dollar has gone down. As a result, dollar and Pakistani rupee transactions are not possible at the rate set by the government. That is why the dollar is selling at the rate of 240 Pakistani rupees in the black market.

In view of which, an international expert says, “Pakistan will not benefit much from joining hands with China to provoke India. On the contrary, the amount of money they will waste to embarrass India on the border, it is better to spend that money on eliminating the poverty of the country.”

According to the reports of several Pakistani newspapers, the government is trying to control inflation but it is not succeeding. Because, on the one hand, the unreasonable expenditure behind the army to create pressure on India, on the other hand, the conflict with Afghanistan, the political turmoil inside the country, all the eyes of the government are on that. As a result, there is a lack of a comprehensive plan to control inflation. As a result, Pakistan is getting poorer!

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