Petrol Diesel Price: China’s decision will increase fuel prices! How much is petrol in Kolkata? –

Petrol Diesel Price: The middle class is already gasping for fuel. In the meantime, there is a fear that the price of fuel may increase due to China’s actions. In that case, there is no doubt, the lower-middle class will suffer as a result. Because both sides were cutting the family budget so far to meet the cost of fuel. Rising fuel prices will exacerbate the problem.

Why can fuel prices increase due to China?

Petrol-diesel prices mainly depend on crude oil prices in the global market. Since the start of Corona, the demand for energy in different countries of the world has decreased a lot, but later, the demand increased slightly due to the unlocking of the first world countries. Although China has been within the reach of Gandhi for a long time, experts have expressed fear that the demand for crude oil in the world market may increase as a result of the decision to break the lockdown and unlock it. On the other hand, if that demand is not met, the price of raw fuel may increase. Naturally, if the price of crude oil increases, there is a fear that the price of petrol and diesel will increase in the country.

Now let’s see how much the price of fuel in any city of the country?

Today Petrol Diesel Price in Kolkata: In Kolkata, the old capital of the country, fuel prices are quite high. Petrol price in Kolkata is Rs 106 03 paise per litre. On the other hand, diesel is priced at Rs 92 76 paise per litre.

Petrol prices remain unchanged in Kolkata today

Petrol price not reduced in Kolkata for 231 days

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Delhi: Fuel prices in the capital Delhi are relatively low as compared to metro cities. Petrol price in this city is Rs 96 65 paisa per litre. Besides, the price of diesel per liter is 89 taka 82 paisa.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Mumbai: Fuel prices are also high in the western metro city of Mumbai. Petrol price in this city is Rs 106 31 paisa per liter. Also, diesel is selling at Rs 94 27 per liter in Mumbai.

Petrol-Diesel Price Today in Chennai: In the far southern metro city of Chennai, petrol costs Rs 102 63 paise per litre. Again in case of diesel this price is 94 rupees 24 paise.

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