Petrol Diesel Price: Modi government’s big step to reduce the price of fuel! Received Rs 200 tax rebate –

Petrol Diesel Price: Fuel burning continues for the common man. Fuel prices have gone up for 238 consecutive days. However, the oil companies are reluctant to pay special attention to it. Oil companies are selling petrol at a profit of Rs 10 per litre. As a result, our pockets are empty. In this situation, the center had to come down. The government has reduced windfall tax on raw fuel to initially reduce fuel prices. The Center on Monday night reduced the windfall tax on crude oil by Rs 200 per tonne.

But recently this windfall tax was increased by the Modi government. The windfall tax which was Rs 1700 per tonne last December was increased to Rs 2100 in early January. This time, the Modi government reduced the tax to 1900 rupees.

Similarly, ATF tax was also reduced on Monday. In January, the windfall tax on ATF was substantially increased to Rs 4.5 per liter. That tax was raised to Rs 3.5 on Monday. At the beginning of December this tax was only Rs 1.5. The same picture is in case of diesel export tax. The duty on diesel exports was increased from Rs 5 to Rs 7.5 in early January, which was reduced slightly to Rs 5 on Monday.

Today's fuel prices

Today’s fuel prices

Incidentally, tax exemptions reduce the duty cost of oil companies’ imports. In that case, the oil companies have an opportunity to reduce the price of fuel. In that perspective, a section of people think that fuel prices can be reduced to some extent. The Center has been imposing windfall tax on oil companies since last July. In this case, when the oil companies see a lot of profit, the center decides to impose this tax.

Now let’s see what is the price of fuel in any city of the country? Basically metro city prices are mentioned below.

city ​​name Gasoline price Diesel price
Calcutta 106 Rs.03 Paisa 92 rupees 76 paise
Mumbai 96 rupees 72 paise 89 rupees 62 paise
Delhi 106 rupees 31 paise 94 rupees 27 paise
Chennai 101 rupees 94 paise 94 rupees 24 paise

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