Petrol Diesel Price: Nirmal’s indication of the decrease in fuel prices! How much is petrol in Kolkata today? –

Petrol-Diesel prices have been stable across the country for a long time. Kolkata itself is in the list of cities where prices have not changed continuously for so long. As a result, due to the high price of fuel, the common people are suffering. Meanwhile, there is great news about petrol diesel. There is an indication that petrol prices may drop by Rs 18 and diesel by Rs 11.

Nirmala Sitharaman herself has hinted so. There has been no change in the price of common man fuel for the last almost 9 months. The central government is planning a major plan to reduce the price of petrol by Rs.18.

According to sources, the Center is planning to bring petrol and diesel under GST. For now, it is expected to be discussed in the GST Council. If the state governments agree on this, there could be a big fall in oil prices. Fuel is currently taxed at 28 percent.

Demand for fuel increased by leaps and bounds in February. According to the data, gasoline sales increased by around 18 percent in the first 15 days of February. Which is about 12.2 lakh tons. This figure was 10.4 lakh tonnes during the same period last year. This number is 18.3 percent higher than the first 15 days of February 2021. On the other hand, demand fell by around 5.1 percent on a monthly basis in January due to cold weather. Sales of diesel, the country’s most widely used fuel, rose nearly 25 percent between February 1-15.

Now let’s see the update on fuel prices –

Petrol-Diesel Price in Kolkata: Petrol price in Kolkata is Rs 106.03 per litre. On the other hand, diesel is priced at Rs 92 per litre.

Petrol-Diesel Price in Mumbai: Petrol price in the country is Rs 106.31 per litre. On the other hand, diesel is priced at Rs 94.27.

Petrol-Diesel Price in Chennai: In the southern city of Chennai, petrol costs Rs 102.63 per litre. Diesel is priced at Rs 94.24 per litre.

Fuel price in New Delhi: In the national capital New Delhi, the price of petrol per liter is Rs 96.72. On the other hand, diesel is priced at Rs 89.62 per litre. Among the metro cities, New Delhi has the lowest fuel prices.

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