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Vegetable farming in rainy season in hindi: The rainy season is going on and due to excess rain, bad vegetables start coming in the market. In such rainy season You can easily get good production by growing some vegetables in your home’s courtyard, terrace and gardens. You will not need much irrigation during rainy days.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Vegetable farming in rainy season Know the

1. Cultivation of Chilli (Green chilli)

In this season, you can taste it by planting green chillies in the courtyard of the house. It can be planted in a raw place in the house, if there is no raw place, then its plant can be grown in a pot or container.

2. Tomato farming

Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin-C. Its sowing time is between June to August in North India. On the other hand, July-August is the right time for tomato sowing in South India. Moisten the soil mixture to plant its seeds. Then leave half an inch from the top and fill in containers or utensils. Place 2-3 seeds in each container. Cover the seeds with soil and gently place it over the seeds. After this, keep adding water to the container and keep in mind that the amount of water should not be more.

3. Cultivation of Gourd

Gourd is beneficial for health, all kinds of vitamins are present in it. Apart from vegetable, it can also be used by making juice. You can grow it in your kitchen garden or terrace in this rainy season.

4. Cultivation of Ladyfinger

Lady finger is also a good option for planting in terrace and kitchen garden. You can take okra for a limited time by planting its plant at your home. You can comfortably install it in the empty space behind or in front of your house.

5. Cultivation of Brinjal

The yield of brinjal is very good in the rainy season. The best time to plant brinjal is the month of June-July. Its plant can also be planted in pots and containers. Plant the plant keeping in mind the irrigation and weather. Keep cleaning around the plant and keep spraying insecticides from time to time.

6. Pumpkin farming

Only a small pot is needed to plant it. After growing, it becomes a vine and makes its own place. The rainy season is very favorable for sowing of pumpkin.

7. Cultivation of Cucumber

Cucumber is often consumed as a salad with meals. The best time to grow cucumber in India is February, March and June-July. Growing cucumber in the rainy season gives good production. It can be planted in a pot or container.

8. Cultivation of spinach

Spinach is rich in many nutrients. Monsoon season is considered the best time to grow spinach. It can be grown in a pot.

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