PM Narendra Modi: Middle class gasps at the price of fuel, essential food! Concern expressed by the Prime Minister himself –

PM Narendra Modi: At the Voice of Global South virtual summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself spoke about food, fuel and fertilizer prices. While speaking at the event on Thursday, the prime minister also expressed concern about natural disasters due to climate change, apart from the increase in prices of goods. Besides, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also clarified the effect of Corona on the economy.

The Prime Minister also said that the whole world is facing many challenges due to various wars, terrorist activities and violent incidents. He said that the world is currently in a challenging situation. This situation is unstable. However, Narendra Modi also said that it is difficult to say clearly about how long such a situation will continue.

Incidentally, India is the host of the Voice of Global South Virtual Summit this year. Mainly Southern Hemisphere countries participate in this summit. This platform mainly discusses the implications of food, energy and other global issues for countries in the Southern Hemisphere. Discussions related to the unstable situation in the food supply and energy sectors due to the current Ukraine-Russia war were raised in this conference.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said about the Southern Hemisphere, “Most of the difficult situations in the world were not created for us at all but we suffer the most as a result. Southern Hemisphere here means the countries of Asia, Africa and South America.”

Incidentally, all Asian countries have to suffer more or less with the price of fuel and daily necessities. Fuel prices in India are on the rise at the moment. This happened when the global situation worsened due to the Russian-Ukraine war. Besides, Pakistan is the biggest victim of this situation. Food prices in that country have gone beyond the reach of common people. Daily necessities like milk, rice, dal, flour, onion are also being sold at exorbitant prices. As a result, Pakistan’s situation has become worse. Apart from this, China, another neighboring country of India, has also been hit hard commercially due to the new variant of Corona. As a result, war on one side and the fear of Corona on the other side, the economy of many countries is being hit by this two-pronged attack. Our people have to suffer the consequences.

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