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poultry farming tips: farmer brother poultry farming They make more profits but they have to face many challenges in this business. For example, they have to take special care of the chickens in the rain. Poultry is most prone to serious diseases and infections during the rainy season.

So come on The Rural India Learn in this article of- Tips to protect chickens from diseases in rainy season

protect chicken feed from fungus

  • Peanut cake has the highest moisture problem, so do not use old feed and keep the poultry feed in a safe place.

  • Do not let the moisture content in the diet exceed 10%, as this increases the risk of food rotting manifold.

  • Do not feed stale or old diet to the chickens.

  • Give them only 10-15 days old diet.

  • Do not keep the fodder and grain of chickens directly on the ground.

  • Make a separate cupboard to keep food or keep the sacks by laying wooden strips on the ground.

Mosquito and diseases prevention tips

  • Mosquitoes and flies start to flourish due to moisture and humidity in the rainy season. To avoid them, put a plastic sheet or curtain in the hen house.

  • Put the curtain from the chickens at a distance of about 1.5 feet. So that there is no leakage of water from the curtains on the bed.

  • Piperazine salt can be used in case of upset stomach of chickens.

  • If there are empty pits around the enclosure, fill them with soil.

  • Spray phenyl over the beet and malathion outside the enclosure in case of flies.

  • Clean the water tank before it rains and add bleaching powder or potassium permanganate after filling it.

  • Always give clean water to the chickens.

Take special care of laying hens

  • If the bedding becomes wet and hard, remove it immediately.

  • Sprinkle lime or 2-3 inches of dry sand in wet or moist bed.

  • There should be no shortage of space for chickens to roam around in the yard, so make sure to arrange at least half a square feet of space on one hen.

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