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work of sarpanch, Since ancient times, Panchayats have an important place in the social, political and economic life of rural India. These The responsibility of running the administration of the panchayats has been given to the villagers themselves. What we ‘self government’ it is said. to the head of this self-government sarpanch it is said.

local self government in sarpanch The post is very prestigious and dignified. The Sarpanch is the highest representative of the Gram Panchayat elected by the Gram Sabha.

Let us tell you, in most of the states the post of Sarpanch Gram Pradhan, Sarpanch, Chief, Village Chief Or also known by other names.

Importance of Sarpanch post

Panchayati Raj Act-1992 After that the importance of the post of Sarpanch has increased even more. Central and state government schemes for rural development It operates through these resources. You would also know that at present, lakhs of rupees are distributed every year in Panchayats.comes to the fund. Government Every year lakhs of crores of rupees are given to a gram panchayat.

For this the constitution Article-243 According to Panchayati Raj System Gram Sabha in and There is a provision for constitution of Gram Panchayat.

The way the Prime Minister is the head of the cabinet in our country, similarly the Sarpanch is the head of the Gram Sabha and Panchayat. The Sarpanch conducts the development works of the village with the help of all the Ward Panches of the Gram Panchayat.

Therefore, the role of Sarpanch and Gram Panchayat becomes very important in the development of the village.

Come, now let us know how Sarpanchs are elected in our country?

There are about 2 lakh 39 thousand gram panchayats in our country under which about six lakh villages come. In these rural areas, there is a system to establish local government by conducting panchayat elections.

Gram Panchayat is formed on the basis of population. Different population has been fixed for each state for these gram panchayats. There are many wards in these gram panchayats whose representative is called ward panch.

Sarpanch is elected after every 5 years by the voters included in the voter list of the Gram Panchayat. The candidate who gets the most votes is declared Sarpanch by the State Election Commission.

Similarly, in the wards also, the candidate who gets the maximum number of votes becomes the ward-punch of that ward.

How are the seats decided in Sarpanch elections?

There must always be a question in your mind that how the seats are decided in the Gram Panchayat. So tell, before the Panchayat elections, the State Election Commission determines the seats for SC / ST and other backward classes on the basis of population ratio and roster system of the village. 50% seats are reserved for women in the Panchayati Raj Act.

The sarpanch of the same class is appointed in the village, for which the seat in the panchayat has been reserved.


Women’s seat is fixed, so only women can become Sarpanch there. Similarly, on the seat earmarked for SC/ST and other backward classes, women or men of the same class can be candidates for election. The same system is followed for Ward Panches as well.

This reservation system is allocated as per rotation/roster. Which are changed after every 5 years.

Eligibility to become Sarpanch

👉 It is mandatory to have the name of the candidate for the post of Sarpanch in the voter list of that Gram Panchayat.

His age should not be less than 21 years.

He is eligible to be elected a member of the Panchayat under any law made by the State Legislature.

👉 Government employee cannot contest the election of Sarpanch / Ward Punch.

👉 To become a Sarpanch, it is necessary to be 8th pass or literate in many states. But this obligation is not applicable in all states.

Documents required to become Sarpanch

You can contest the election of Sarpanch or Ward Panch only if you have the required documents during enrollment.


1. Aadhar Card or PAN Card

2. voter ID card

3. passport size photo

4. Basic address proof

5. caste certificate of reserved category

6. Character certificate issued by police-administration

7. toilet affidavit

8. affidavit of not being a government employee

9. The economic condition of the candidate’s family, movable and immovable property, educational qualification etc.affidavit regarding Which will have to be presented on a stamp of Rs.50 and the affidavit is also required to be certified by the notary.

Note- 👉 Let me tell you, some documents may be different in different states, for which you can get information by contacting the block / section office after the date of Panchayat elections is announced.

Rights and Powers of the Sarpanch

  • The Sarpanch is empowered to convene and preside over the meetings of the Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat.
  • Sarpanch gets the executive and financial powers of the Gram Panchayat.
  • The Sarpanch has the right to exercise administrative supervision and control over the works of the employees working under the Gram Panchayat.

sarpanch responsibility

Being the head of the village, the Sarpanch presides over the meetings of the Gram Sabha. According to the Panchayat Raj Act-1992, the Sarpanch is also bound to organize the meeting of the Gram Sabha. If he does not do so, then a complaint can be made by the Gram Sabha to the higher authorities.

👉 It is the mandatory responsibility of the Sarpanch to organize at least 4 meetings of the Gram Sabha every year. Sarpanch should take several steps for all round development in the village.

The Sarpanch should also ensure that the suggestions given in the Gram Sabha meetings are discussed on priority.

The Sarpanch should take measures to ensure wider participation of the people in the meetings of the Gram Sabha. Sarpanch should ensure participation of all sections of people, especially SC/ST, backward classes and women. Apart from this, everyone should be encouraged to register their complaints and give suggestions in the Gram Sabha.

Functions of Sarpanch

Sarpanch is the head of the village, he as the head of the village has to take decisions for the betterment of the village. Mainly the Sarpanch performs the following functions.


  • Maintenance of roads in the village
  • Promotion of animal husbandry business
  • system of irrigation
  • cremation and cemetery maintenance
  • promotion of primary education
  • playground or sports promotion
  • carry forward cleanliness drive
  • Free education system for poor children
  • Helping in the smooth running of the Anganwadi center

process of removal of sarpanch

Panchayati Raj Act Under this no-confidence motion can be brought against the sarpanch up to two years in advance. The Sarpanch can be relieved of the post after getting 2/3rd majority of the Ward Panchs.

notice of no confidence motion

Written notice of no-confidence motion of the Sarpanch should be given to the Chief Executive Officer/Zilla Panchayat Raj Officer in the Zila Parishad, in which Village Panchayat Must be signed by half the members. All the reasons for relieving the post should be mentioned in the notice.

Out of the signing Gram Panchayat members, it will be mandatory for three members to be present before the District Panchayati Raj Officer. District Panchayat Raj Officer will call a meeting in the village within 30 days of receiving the information

anymore ‘No confidence motion’ An officer is appointed to conduct the discussion. The notice of no-confidence motion is given to the sarpanch 15 days in advance by the officer.

After this, a meeting of the Gram Panchayat is convened and a decision is taken. If the Sarpanch does not get the majority in the meeting, the Sarpanch is relieved of his post.

no confidence motion rules


  • According to the Panchayati Raj Act, no-confidence motion cannot be moved in some states for two years after the sarpanch is elected and during the remainder of the last six months of the term.

  • If the no-confidence motion is not passed against the Sarpanch, no no-confidence motion cannot be brought again for the next one year.

In short, the post of Sarpanch is very important and responsibilities. If the Gram Panchayat is the backbone for the development of a village, then the Sarpanch or village chief Strengthens that backbone with his good deeds.

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