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powertrac 439 price in india in our country tractor use Now it has increased many times than before. Many companies in the country are engaged in manufacturing modern tractors. In this order power track The name of is Leading. Power Track Company manufactures tractors equipped with modern and new technology. of this company Powertrac Euro 439 tractor overview 41 HP is a powerful tractor in the range. This is amazing and classy tractor.

Powertrac Euro 439 (powertrac 439) Very famous among Indian farmers for its attractive design, economical mileage. Due to better mileage, farmers can easily work in less diesel for long hours. The Powertrac Euro 439 tractor can also handle heavy farm equipment easily.

So come on The Rural India in this article of Powertrac Euro 439 Tractor Price and Key Specifications know the

Steering of Powertrac Euro 439 tractor overview

The Steering from Powertrac Euro 439 is Adjustable Steering. Its steering column is of tiltable type. It has advanced technology self-adjusting, self-equalizing, hydraulically actuated oil immersed disc brakes. Apart from this, farmers can easily raise or lower the steering up to 25 degree angle as per their convenience.

transmission information

Powertrac Euro 439 tractor unit is provided with Constant Mesh Technology gear box transmission. The maximum road speed of this tractor is 32.8 kmph. It has forward 8 and reverse 2 gears. This tractor comes in Dual Clutch.

Powertrac Euro 439 Tractor Engine

Powertrac Euro 439 Tractor is powered by 3 Cylinders with Rotary Pump and 41 HP engine. This tractor generates 2400 Engine Rated RPM. It has been given turbo charged engine capacity of 2339 cc along with cooling system is provided with coolant cooled with overflow reservoir.


Powertrac Euro 439 tractor is available in 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive variant. Its front tire comes in 6.00 x 16 and rear tire size is 13.6 x 28.

PTO Power of Powertrac Euro 439 tractor overview

The PTO power of Powertrac Euro 439 is 51 HP. At the same time, an independent PTO with 6 splines has been given in it. It generates 540 rated rpm along with a single diaphragm clutch.


The wheelbase of Powertrac Euro 439 tractor is 2040 mm and also has 400 mm of ground clearance. Its total weight is 1850 kg. It has a fuel tank of 50 liters. It comes with 2 leveler automatic depth and draft control.

Hydraulics of Powertrac Euro 439 tractor overview

The hydraulic lifting capacity of Powertrac Euro 439 tractor is 1600 kg. This tractor has 3 point linkage of ADDC type.

Powertrac euro 439 tractor price (powertrac 439 price)

Powertrac Euro 439 tractor price in Indian market ranges from Rs. 5.65 Lakh to Rs. 6.45 Lakh. This price may vary from state to state. For more information, you can visit the company’s website or Nearest Dealer can contact. The company gives 5 years / 5000 hours warranty on the Powertrac Euro 439 tractor.

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