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mold board plow Price 2023: The use of machines in agriculture is continuously increasing. Machines not only make farming work easier, but also save the time of the farmers. In this case an agricultural machine is- M B Plau, This mold board plow They also say Mold board plow is used for turning the soil. It does the work of turning the soil in the field very easily.

As you all know, turning the soil of the field increases the fertilizing power of the soil. Along with this, crop residues and weeds lying in the field get buried under the soil and become manure.

So come to this blog Soil Reversing Plow MB Plow Benefits and Price Know the

Benefits of MB Plow

  • The primary plowing of the field is done with mold board plough.

  • This is a very useful machine for the first preparation of cultivation.

  • It works to mix and bury the weeds and crops in the soil.

  • It is used for cutting and mixing green manures like dhencha and sanai etc. in the soil.

  • With this, deep plowing of the field is also done.

Types of MB Plow

  • These are of two types.

  • One- Reversible MB Plow and second- normal plow,

  • Reversible plow is hydraulically attached, so that it can turn.

  • Reversible plow can be used for throwing soil on both right and left sides.

  • Whereas the normal plow moves only in one way.

mb plow price

in the market Reversible MB Plow Price It ranges from 30 thousand to 80 thousand rupees.

Whereas Normal MB Plow Price 15 to 30 thousand rupees.

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