Primary School: Where is the fifth grade student! Concerned many government primary schools in the state! Read the detailed report –

In accordance with the instructions of the State Education Department, many primary schools in the state have arranged for fifth class reading. However, even if there are classrooms, the number of students is very few. Many schools in the state have expressed concern over the matter. Government primary schools in the state earlier taught up to class IV. However, in 2018, the state education department said in the guidelines that in all the schools that have the infrastructure for reading the fifth standard, the fifth standard education will be started there.

Then the education department will introduce this system in all primary schools. Reading will be phased out from high school to fifth grade. On the other hand, it is seen in reality, even though the fifth class has been arranged in the schools, the number of students in that class is now under question. Although there are differences in some cases, in most cases, the number of students is very few. The school authorities claim that the number of students is not increasing even though proper arrangements have been made for fifth class reading. In that case, many parents claim that after studying up to the fifth grade in primary school, there is a lot of risk in admission to the sixth grade. Because many schools are reluctant to admit sixth class.

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So in most cases it is seen that the parents are more interested in admitting the students in the fifth grade of high school. There is less tendency to study in the fifth grade of primary school. On the other hand, the number of students in schools has decreased due to the covid situation in the past years. That situation has not improved this academic year either. At present, according to the sources, in accordance with the guidelines of the education department, the fifth class has started in many schools, but the number of students in the respective class is gradually decreasing.

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